The first Equine Physiotherapist E.D.P. ® have been released

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The Danish Equine Academy MySir Osteopati og Fysioterapi
Because Quality Matters

We are very happy and proud to announce that the first Equine Physiotherapists from the Danish
Equine Academy have completed their education and that more will hopefully follow this summer.

The new graduates are from our first class to complete the course, and right now two more
classes are completing the course. One class is about halfway through the course and is taking the
midterm exam in August. In April the first international class, with participants from Austria, the
Czech Republic, Norway and Denmark, began their education.

We can guarantee that the new graduates are bursting with knowledge about equine
physiotherapy and are ready to go out and put that knowledge to good use.

A new Equine Physiotherapy course starts in 2023

On April 24 2023 a new course for equine physiotherapists will begin and you can already sign up
to participate. If you wish to sign up you have to write an email to and state your
name, address, phone number and email.
The final program is still being put together and more information will follow in a later newsletter.

New register

For a while we, MySir, have been working on building a register of a wide selection of alternative
physical therapists for horses. We believe that a place to find different types of therapists was
missing, but now it’s here.

The register includes an interactive map with an overview of the therapists included in the
register, a “code of conduct” that the therapist has to comply with and a closed forum for
discussions between members. On top of that, everyone in the register will be offered a yearly
online webinar on a relevant topic.

To ensure the best quality of the therapists who are accepted into the register, a small committee
will assess the incoming applications. It is important to us that the candidates that are accepted
have completed a certain number of classes and that the therapist has a diploma.

You can find the register here: Equinediplomatedtherapist

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