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A Hackamore Might Gossip About Your Riding Skills

Have you ever ridden with a hackamore? It requires a advanced rider but if you get the hang if it, you will have a satisfied horse.

Are Your Horse Eating While Wearing the Bit? – Three Tips To Avoid It

Horses often out their head in the ground to eat grass while wearing a bridle and a bit - not that preferable. 3 tips prevent this bad habit.

“I Am an Ordinary Rider – I Just Do Everything Without Equipment”

Riding without equipment probably seem scary for most riders. But not for Lene Olesen. She almost always train her horse without equipment.

How To Find the Correct Length of Your Stirrups

Are you in doubt whether your stirrups have the correct length. In this article you will have an easy way to find out if your stirrups fits.

Kyra Kyrklund: 20 Doctrines From the Dressage Queen

Learn from one of the best riders in the world. Kyra Kyrklund gives you 20 doctrines you can bring along in your daily dressage-work.

In this RIDE video, we find out about Daniel Bachmann Andersen’s new adventure…

Daniel Bachmann Andersen tells about his new adventure as self-employed dressage rider. Listen to his amazing story in the video.

Dujardin: How To Change the Trot From Awful To Awesome

Are you struggling with the trot. Do not worry! Charlotte Dujardin explains in this article how to achieve an awesome trot.

Correct Use of the Mounting Block – Four Steps That Will Spare Your Horse

Learn how to get up on your horse with the correct use of the stool and watch James Carsons video in this article.

Learn How To Achieve a Strong and Doable Horse

Read how you achieve a strong horse. You will get an insight in muscle building, nutrition, ideal exercise program and much more.

4 Exercises to Avoid Hitting Poles

Written by FEI/Sophie Baker Try these exercises to improve your horse's jumping... If your horse is regularly taking poles, you’ll...

The Maverick: Andreas Helgstrand

It is no secret that former Olympic medallist, Andreas Helgstrand is a man of ambition. From being Denmark's best dressage rider...

Help Your Elderly Horse Becoming More Flexible

It can be quite a challenge for an older horse to get the body up and running – especially...

The Diary Of An FEI Top-level Horse

The sport of show jumping is a physically demanding endeavour for horse and rider. But for the horse specifically,...

McLain Ward: 10 Tips from a Showjumping Superstar

You surely know the top showjumper McLain Ward. If not, you will get to know him now, or at...

How to ride a Dressage test -Top tips

Olivia Towers gets some top tips from FEI Dressage judge Isobel Wessels on the mistakes that could be costing...

The ABC of Cathrine Dufour

It is no secret that Cathrine Dufour, the world's 5th best dressage rider, goes against the flow. Cathrine has always been active on...

Meet us at Danish Warmblood Stallion Show 5th – 8th March 2020

We invite you all to meet us at the Danish Warmblood Stallion Show from the 5th to the 8th...

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