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Cavago will make your horse dreams come through

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Imagine riding on a beach in Portugal, exploring the history of Jordan, or flying Falcons in Devon, UK. All of this – and much more – can come through with Cavago. 

“People. Places. Horses.” 

That is how Cavago describes themselves. They connect people to places and horses all over the world to give both experiences equestrians and novices the possibility to get a fantastic experience with horses and riders worldwide. 

About Cavago

Cavago is both a website and an app where you can book equestrian experiences, like trainings, clinics, horseshows, competitions and holidays worldwide – everything from hacks to private lessons with amazing riders. Cavago works with hosts from all over the world, and they encourage people to experience the love and joy for horses. There are more than 60 million horses globally, with 500 different breeds along with more than 120 different disciplines associated with them. Celebrating the global culture of horses is Cavago’s mandate and horses are loved around the world. Join a global community that loves horses.

You can follow Cavago on InstagramFacebookTwitter and LinkedIn.

Dutch Floor Schoenmakers lost her heart to Portugal when she first tried to go riding in the beautiful country with Cavago in October, where she experienced four different rides in just two days. She started with the most fantastic experience at the beach, Comporta.

“I got emotional when we could see the ocean. The beach was completely empty, the sun was shining, and I could feel the powerful animal underneath me while cantering – even though I didn’t know the horse, it felt amazing just to let it happen. I felt so free in that moment.” 

Imagine riding in beautiful Portugal – this is possible with Cavago.

This probably sounds like most horse riders’ dream – but it does not have to be a dream. 

“Cavago is kind of like, Tripadvisor and AirBnB in one. You can book the most amazing experiences with horses all over the world. I’ve been riding Lusitanos in Portugal, and I’m planning a trip to Dubai, where I will ride Arabian horses.” 

About Floor Schoenmakers

Floor is a Dutch traveler, podcaster, marketeer, event organizer, content creator and networker in the horse industry. She is the owner and founder of Go Social – a part of EHS Communications, a marketing and communication bureau. She works with a lot of different riders in Holland. She also has the podcast HorseHeroes with more than 60,000 monthly listeners, so horses are a huge part of her life – professional and personal, as she is also a mother of two children, who both love horses.

Listen to the story about Cavago

Want to hear the the whole story about Cavago? Floor made a episode with Tauseef Qadri, the CEO and Founder of  Cavago, and you can listen to it here.

And, of course, Cavago also offers something to ensure you will never forget the experience. 

“Capture your forever memories on these gorgeous horses by hiring professional photography services that are available at some of these facilities.”

With Cavago, there is something for everyone. You do not have to be a very experienced rider to enjoy a hack or a lesson. You just search, book, confirm and ride to enjoy a new country – or your own – from the horseback.

“On Cavago you can book packages that suit you plans or request for bespoke tour packages with your preferred dates. You can go for a ride and visit a vineyard later – or go to yoga! Everything seems possible.”  

“Cavago can offer some experiences for the whole family such as wine tastings or yoga while you go for a ride. A variety of rides and holidays ensure there is something to suit those looking for a luxurious experience or for riders on a budget.”

From beach ride to the mountains with cavago

During her time in Portugal, Floor Schoenmakers had the opportunity to embark on adventures by the beach, the mountains and even through a vineyard

“Combining a training centre with a mini safari style zoo, tucked away in Bucelas near Lisbon, this facility is a delight for an entire family. I went galloping at the vineyard here and ended the day with a picnic by the lake. One can spend a weekend here as they offer accommodation as well.”

How does Cavago work

  1. Search for experiences on the website or in the app 
  2. Book 
  3. Confirm 
  4. Show up, ride and enjoy! 

As if a beach ride and a ride between the vines were not enough, Floor Schoenmakers continued further down from Lisbon to Cascais, where a hack in the Sintra mountains awaited her.

“The views here were incredible! I went on a lovely Lusitano. We went through a forest and up in the mountains, where you could see the river, the skies, the ocean and all the small cities. We had a gorgeous lunch at a beach restaurant called Palafita, where you could sit and enjoy the sea and some delicious seafood. And the only thing I could think about was that I wanted to go ride again!” 

That was precisely what Floor Schoenmakers did as Cavago not only offers experiences but also lessons and trainings on their platforms

“I got the chance to ride this Grand Prix stallion! I just rode him on a regular snaffle. Such a nice horse and incredible schoolmaster. Frederico Pinteus, an international dressage judge and owner of the ridingschool, let me play with the horse. His stable manager gave me an excellent lesson – and the horse could easily do piaffe and flying changes, so he taught me how to do it. I felt amazing when I got off this Lusitano stallion!”

Floor Schoenmakers trip to Portugal with Cavago

Even though the four tours were all very different, one thing was the same everywhere where Floor Schoenmakers rode with Cavago.

“The hosts and the guides are all so accommodating and take great care of the horses. Some of the hosts are even professional equestrians themselves. They all seem so proud of their horses and everything they do. Every host wants to give their guests a good experience – they make sure that everyone who comes to their place feels special, and they always keep their promises and appointments.”

“All the experiences were better than I could ever imagine!”

Want to go?

In January 2023 Floor Schoenmakers will arrange an adventure trip to Portugal with Cavago. Get 5% discount with the code Globalhorsedreams on everything at Cavago. Cavago and Global Horse Dreams will bring you a six day tour with Lusitano horses in Portugal on this amazing journey with Floor Schoenmakers from Global Horse Dreams!

You can read all about the tour right here.


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