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Equilibrium Magnetic Rug 

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Stiffness and muscle soreness are part of life for horses and humans. With the magnetic rug from Equilibrium Products, you can relieve your horse from stiffness and soreness.  

The magnets in the rug are designed to support mobility, aid joint function, and maintain a healthy horse. Magnets aim to promote circulation, which can help with different kinds of stiffness and sore muscles. 


Why use the magnetic rug

  • Target the horse's body anywhere you want with moveable magnets. 
  • Ideal for riding horses, horses of any age, and those on box rest for long periods of time.  
  • Fits easily into your routine – use it before/after exercise or even overnight!   
  • The comfortable design contains an anti-rub lining at the chest and point of the shoulder and a detachable neck.  
  • Contains 6 powerful and large Equilibrium® magnets (25cm each).  
  • One-year product guarantee. 
  • Please note that you should never use the magnetic rug on open wounds, bruises, or areas of inflammation or for the first 5 days following steroid injections. 

Magnets have been used on both horses and humans for many, many years. Magnetic fields have been seen to sustain good blood flow and can therefore help to optimize back health.  

When should a magnetic rug be used?

  • Every day as a part of your horses’ daily routine for maintaining back health. Usually overnight or during the day.   For horses in training from leisure riding to competition. This includes horses returning to training or in rehabilitation.  
  • For older horses or those who are slow to warm up.  
  • Horses on box rest or with limited turnout time.  
  • General knocks and bumps.  

The body’s cells have electromagnetic properties which means they can be affected by a magnetic field. The magnets used in this Magnetic Rug for horses present two alternating poles to the body, negative and positive, making them different from standard Neodymium magnets, which present only one pole. These strong, linear, and permanent magnetic fields of alternating pole sequences penetrate the body tissue. 

Equilibrium Magnetic Rug 
Picture: Equilibrium Products

Use a Massage Pad to reward, relax, and release your horse's potential  

  • A lightweight and portable massage pad, clinically proven to improve back flexibility and promote relaxation.   
  • Shaped to follow the contours of the horse’s back, providing coverage from withers to the hindquarters.  
  • Battery-operated 30-minute sessions.  
  • Three different, easily adjustable programs that allow you to choose the intensity of the massage.  
  • Two-year product warranty.  
  • It is available as a new size option for both ponies and large horses. If you have a pony under 145 cm, you may want to look at the Pony Massage Pad. Alternatively, if your horse is over 165 cm and above you may want to look at our XL Massage Pad. 

The Equilibrium Massage Pad was developed through clinical trials at Myerscough College, UK. The innovative design provides effective, affordable equine massage. Proven to improve back flexibility and promote relaxation in horses, the Equilibrium Massage Pad was created to help a successful ex-race horse.   


How does the Equilibrium massage pad work?

  • The Equilibrium Massage Pad has three different settings, which can be selected easily from the controller. This allows you to select the intensity of the program to suit your horse. Each program has three types of massage: pulsing, vibration, and stroking, which ensures muscles are worked in different ways.  
  • The low setting can be used to cool down after work.  
  • The medium setting is ideal to warm up muscles before exercise.  
  • The high setting for when your horse requires a more intense massage.  
  • Each session will last for 30 minutes however, this can be manually stopped at any time. It comes in a handy carry bag, which makes it ideal for use at home and away.  It is easy to store in the tack room and can be wiped clean. The bag also has storage spots which can be used for items such as the battery and charger.  
  • It can be used on its own or in conjunction with the hand-held Massage Mitt or the Massage Mitt Hotspot for an all-over massage.  

The Equilibrium Massage Pad can be used for:  

  • Horses on box rest to maintain good blood flow. 
  • After exercise to help support recovery. 
  • Before exercising as part of the warm-up. 
  • At a show to relax after traveling. 
  • On your horse’s day off as part of a maintenance program. 
  • Anytime as a reward.    
Equilibrium Magnetic Rug 
Picture: Equilibrium Products

Clinical trials

The Equilibrium Massage Pad was tested by Myerscough College in Lancashire, UK. The results showed that the massage pad offers significant benefits to horses, which include improving back flexibility and promoting relaxation, and can show an increase in stride length. 

Test methods

The trial investigated the effects of massage on well-trained horses. Signs of stress or relaxation were measured immediately before, during, and after the application of the Equilibrium Horse Massage Pad over a six-week period. Secondly, the horses were assessed in terms of flexibility and suppleness. There were two groups of horses – a treated group and a control group. 

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The horses that had used the Massage Pad showed a significant improvement in back flexibility of 46%. The horses also had their heart rates monitored as a measure of relaxation.  

Also available in Standard and Pony sizes. See Equilibrium Standard Massage Pad or Pony Massage Pad for more details. Contains 1 x Equilibrium XL Massage Pad, 1 x Equilibrium Bag, 1 x Equilibrium Battery, 1 x Equilibrium Charger.  


3XL massage pad

With 6 massage motors to cover an even larger surface area, ideal for horses with a 165 cm rug size or those particularly long or broad in the back. Designed especially for bigger horses, the Equilibrium XL Massage Pad includes all the proven features of our Massage Pad but is shaped for broader horses or horses with a long back. We would recommend it is suitable for horses who wear over a 165 cm rug.  

Small massage pad

Designed for smaller horses who wear a 125cm rug and below, the Equilibrium Small Massage Pad includes all the proven features of our Massage Pad but is shaped for smaller horses. 



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