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The Top 5 Horseback Riding Tours in Egypt

the top 5 horseback riding tours in egypt
the top 5 horseback riding tours in egypt

Egypt, a land with a time-honored tradition of welcoming travelers, has been enchanting visitors for centuries. From the days of the Romans, who marveled at the pyramids and the Nile over 2,000 years ago, to the present day, Egypt remains a coveted destination. For those equestrians and explorers seeking adventure, Egypt offers a plethora of experiences, whether in the exotic landscapes of Cairo, the historical wonders of Luxor, or the tranquil shores of the Red Sea. Here are the top five horseback riding tours in Egypt that cater to both ancient history enthusiasts and modern travelers. 

1. Ride Egypt

Join Ride Egypt, a distinguished British brand that has earned numerous awards for its exceptional horse riding holidays in Egypt. With years of experience working with the finest Arabian horses and purpose-built facilities, Ride Egypt takes you off the beaten path to explore Egypt in a unique way. Owner and founder Emma is dedicated to showcasing the best of Egypt to her guests while ensuring the first-class welfare of her rescued horses. 

Fairy-tale Fayoum

Embark on a 9-day excursion led by an Egyptologist to unravel the secrets of a 4,500-year-old land. Explore the Magic Lake, ride hot air balloons, and witness the famous Whale evolution fossils, all on horseback. Plenty of opportunities for galloping and cantering await you. 

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Starlight Winter Wonderland 

Venture into the diverse landscapes of Egypt's deep desert for an eight-day adventure. Camp under the Milky Way, bathe in hot springs, and savor open-fire meals. Explore the Red Sea and ancient oases, and enjoy a 4x4 Safari.

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2. Desert Dreams

Desert Dreams invites you to explore Egypt's ancient temples, iconic pyramids, and the majestic River Nile. Ride expertly trained Baladi stallions, renowned for their speed, spirit, beauty, and loyalty. This equestrian provider offers various activities in Cairo, Fayoum, Hurghada, and Luxor, suitable for intermediate and advanced riders. 

Cairo, Luxor and Hurghada Tour

Immerse yourself in a captivating horse riding adventure, where you'll journey through ancient Egypt's landscapes, marvel at the majestic pyramids, and ride along the sandy shores of the Red Sea. Indulge in delicious Egyptian cuisine, visit local bazaars, and experience Arabic hospitality.

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3. Equestrian Dreams

Equestrian Dreams, the largest equestrian service in the Red Sea region, offers professionally planned tours in Hurghada. With over 35 years of experience in Italy and Egypt, they cater to riders of all levels, ensuring wonderfully cared-for horses. 

Red Sea Unexpected 

Embark on a 7-day journey in Hurghada, where the desert meets the tranquility of the Red Sea. Experience desert horseback rides, immersive Bedouin experiences, marine life encounters, and the enigmatic Ghost City exploration. Stay in a 5-star hotel with all-inclusive board.

4. Horses and Hieroglyphs

Horses and Hieroglyphs is an equestrian service born from a love story. They provide a home for rescued horses, many of which have been rehabilitated. Their tours run from September to May and offer desert camping and a journey through history.

Magic of Luxor

Join the 5-day Magic of Luxor tour to travel back in time to the city of Pharaohs. Relax on the banks of the Nile, immerse yourself in local culture, and explore the mythical city of Luxor. Experience the essence of Luxor through rides in lush farmland and visits to iconic temples and tombs. 

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5. VIP Riding Luxor

VIP Riding Luxor is located in the heart of the UNESCO World Heritage sites of the Theban Necropolis. With personal pickup and drop-off, you can explore historical sites and discover what life was like in ancient Egypt. Enjoy a hot air balloon ride at sunrise or a 3-hour horseback ride along the Nile.

Nile Swim and Ride

Take a 3-hour horseback ride through picturesque rural fields, charming villages, and secluded swimming spots along the Nile. Immerse yourself in the gentle waters of the sacred River Nile and conclude the experience with a wooden rowboat ride and ice cream.

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Egypt offers a wealth of options for horseback riding tours, from deserts to valleys and historical treasures to vibrant culture. Whether you're galloping past iconic monuments or trotting through serene landscapes, these equestrian adventures allow you to weave your own stories into the rich tapestry of Egypt's past and present. Embark on this extraordinary journey, let the reins guide you, and witness the enchanting magic of Egypt. 


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