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NAFs popular product: Five Star Metazone 

NAFs popular product: Five Star Metazone 
NAFs popular product: Five Star Metazone 

At certain stages, our horses need additional support. This can be the case for horses in competitive sports or breeding, as well as mares in heat, where targeted supplementation is appropriate. Five Star Metazone by NAF consists of a range of ingredients that naturally have an anti-inflammatory effect on the horse's body. This can support the horse's system in times of additional strain. If the intensive strain on the body is not managed in time, it can become problematic for the horse's well-being and performance in the long run.

What is Five Star Metazone?

Five Star Metazone is a powerful blend of antioxidants from natural sources. It can be used alone or in combination with another product to support it. Antioxidants help the body get rid of free radicals, which occur as a response to body stress. Free radicals are produced in the body during exercise, for instance, when the muscles are working hard. It is important to neutralize them so that the body can function optimally, and the horse feels well.

At NAF, the focus is always on the synergy in the products. It's about how different ingredients can work together best, so that the blend of different ingredients has a greater benefit than a single ingredient alone. This helps to optimize the effectiveness of the product so that the horse's body can make the most of it.


Which horses can generally benefit from Five Star Metazone?

  • Competition horses. Horses that have to perform in competitions and have to deal with both hard training and transport.
  • Mares in heat. When mares are in heat, they can experience various challenges in the body - where it can be advantageous to support the body's own anti-inflammatory processes during this time.
  • Recovery. When your horse is recovering, Five Star Metazone can help support the body's own processes.
  • From young to old. Both during growth and in old age, it can be beneficial for the horse to receive nutritional support for the body's own processes.
  • Horses with challenges in skin, joints, muscles, respiratory system, or hooves.

Manage, relieve, control

These are the key words for Five Star Metazone, where we as horse owners can help the horse support and alleviate challenges in its body. In this way, we can contribute to the horse effectively managing potential strains and thereby increasing its comfort and well-being.

It can be difficult to determine if a horse is in pain or uncomfortable in any other way if it is not directly expressed through a wound or lameness. Our primary task as horse owners is to ensure that the horse feels well in its body, and we can support this with appropriate feeding.

If the horse has chronic strains in the body, this can show in behavior, periodic lameness, fatigue, or simply changed behavior. However, if the horse receives correct treatment for a specific illness, Five Star Metazone can help support the anti-inflammatory processes that the horse's body initiates on its own, thus increasing the horse's overall well-being.

We can't ask our horses how they are doing, but we can focus on increasing the horse's comfort as much as possible so it feels good under the saddle and in general.


Five Star Metazone can help with:

  • Supporting healthy respiratory function
  • Coping with periods of maximum joint stress, e.g. during competitions
  • Maintaining the comfort of the muscles after intensive training and maintaining a healthy horse body
  • Maintaining good hooves
  • Supporting a stable digestive tract
  • Periods where short-term support is required
  • Supporting the horse's anti-inflammatory response throughout the body

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Something for every taste

Five Star Metazone can either be administered with the horse's daily feed or as needed, for instance during competitions or intensive training, when the horse has a greater need for additional support during recovery. It is possible to give Five Star Metazone to the horse before, during, and after competitions as it has no withdrawal time.

Five Star Metazone is available both in liquid form and as a syringe with an oral paste. Regardless of how Five Star Metazone is administered, it is quickly absorbed by the horse's body and can therefore support important processes within a short time.

NAF five star metazone - photo: NAF

From top riders to leisure riders

Metazone is suitable for horses and ponies who need something extra.  From leisure ponies to elite sport horses, Metazone provides nutritional support when horses need it. NAF Sponsored Riders Cathrine and Rasmine Laudrup-Dufour are firm fans, seeing a difference in their horses after feeding Metazone for just a few days.

NAF are pioneers of nutritional excellence and as well as numerous trials and case studies gathered from horse owners across Europe, the efficacy of Five Star Metazone has also been trialled through an independent study at The Royal Agricultural University, Cirencester.


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