10 Reasons Why You Should Stay Away from a Horse Girl

When I decided to write this article, I had to ask my boyfriend very nicely to participate. He agreed...

Jealousy in Equestrian Sport: What Can We Learn from this Emotion?

Have you ever felt jealous at another rider? In this article we describe different types of jealousy. Which to focus on and which to embrace.

You Recognize This If You Are a Tiny Rider. Remember – You Are Not Alone!

Reaching the saddle on the top shelf. Put on the saddle or braid the mane. All challenges small riders meet everyday. Do you agree?

Equestrians on Social Media – Which One Are You?

The Equine gastric ulcer-lady or the The nit-picking one. Have you met one of these equestrian types on social media? Perhaps you know one?

10 Avoidable Facts About Equestrians

Do you also spend all your time and money om your horse? Do you dislike noisy crowds and is very messy outside the stable. You are not alone.

“I Am an Ordinary Rider – I Just Do Everything Without Equipment”

Riding without equipment probably seem scary for most riders. But not for Lene Olesen. She almost always train her horse without equipment.

4 Types of Pain Only Equestrians Know About

They might not seem very serious, but they are still so so painful. Here you have 4 types of pain any rider would do anything to avoid.

5 Things Any Owner of a Gelding Knows About

Find out what type of gelding your horse is. Perhaps it is the bully, the gentleman or the nonchalant one?

How Much Can it Cost to Keep a Horse?

Find out how much horse owners around the world pay for having a hores. We can tell you this much - it varies a lot.

To All the Ponydads and Partners: Thank You So Much!

Let us celebrate all the ponydads and partners out there who spend hours helping out with our passion - horses. Thank you all!

The 10 Most Dangerous Things – Seen Through the Eyes of a Horse

Horses can be scared of the silliest and craziest things - seen with our eyes. Their flight instinct can...

In this RIDE video, we find out about Daniel Bachmann Andersen’s new adventure…

Daniel Bachmann Andersen tells about his new adventure as self-employed dressage rider. Listen to his amazing story in the video.

5 Tips on Training an Old Horse

Do you know all the signs of an old horse. We give you some of them plus you can find out how old your horse is in human years.

12 Things Defending You As An Equestrian

This is why we love our horses and why the equestrian world is so great. We simply cannot get enough of our horses.

5 Reasons To Date A Rider – And 5 Reasons Not To

What are the advantages and disadvantages when dating a rider. Get the answers in this article.

Horseback Riding: This Is How Many Calories You Burn

Have you ever wondered how many calories you burn when you are in the stable or riding your horse? You will have the answer in this article.

2021 Is A Flow Year

Ditte Young takes you through January. It is time to really connect with your horse and create better communication for all of us.

A Celebration to the Beautiful, Elderly Horses

Do you have an old horse? Then you know how wonderful they are. You can see more elderly horses in this article and read their stories.

How tall is your horse? – This is how you can find out

Do you know the feeling of having a young horse approximately 150 cm, but you have no idea whether...

Bills Bills Bills – That’s Life When You Are A Ponydad

I should have guessed it was an expensive sport my daughter had chosen as soon as I entered the...

8 World Records – This Is Why Horses Are So Cool

What do you think is the tallest fence a horse has ever jumped? How many years is the oldest...

Halloween Pictures: Watch All the Fun, Sweet and Astonishing Photos

Did you and your horse dress up for Halloween? You can see some amazing pictures of both riders and...

Do as the Americans: Ride to the Polls for Your Next Election Day

Have you considered riding down to the polls next time you are voting at an election? As long, as you...

10 reasons why you should never date a horse girl

When this article was to be written, I had to ask my boyfriend nicely to participate. He recently went...

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