Ponydad: Digital equestrian stalking to go!

What good is a smartphone if you can’t use it to stalk — er, keep track of your nano-rider...

Study: Your horse knows you better than you think

Have you also experienced that your horse knows the dressage program almost by heart? It knows when to turn, when to stand still or at which letter...

The editorial test: Underwear on horseback – which do you prefer?

Panties, hipsters, boxer shorts, G-string, cotton panties and granny panties. There is a myriad of different types of panties...

20 fascinating facts about the horse’s tail, its anatomy and function

Many of us do not give the horse´s tail much thought. But in fact, it can tell us quite...

Do´s and Dont´s: Healthy and unhealthy treats

Do you know what is considered healthy and unhealthy treats for your horse? Of course, as the loving horse...

Young girl chose horse with the eye disease Cataracts and never regretted it

For many riders, a horse with cataracts will probably seem like something of a challenge. Maybe even like a...

How to ensure a nice and pleasant stable atmosphere

Most riders have probably - unfortunately - experienced that a bad stable atmosphere can make you almost not want...

The Fell Pony: A rare and very special breed

A Fell Pony is a versatile and small pony, which originates from the northern part of England. And although...

Veterinarian explains: Pros and cons of late and early castration

A late neutered horse will still aim for the mares in the field, and the gelding retains its "stallion...

Editorial thoughts: When do you actually start riding your horse?

When do you actually start riding your horse? That question was asked by this member of the editorial staff...

Training: Why it is important to have a curious horse

Do you have a curious horse? Then you might recognize the following from your training or just the daily...

Riders first aid: How to treat your wounds and blisters

For many riders, it is a well-known problem that from - the need for first aid - because we...

Equine therapist Line Østerhagen believes in equal quality treatment for people and horses

As a young girl Line Østerhagen was fascinated by horses and dreamt of becoming a veterinarian and work with...

How tall will your horse be? Figure it out here

Did you know when you bought your young horse – how tall it would end up being? Then maybe...

Scientists: Horses and humans have a special bond

Horses are flight and pack animals driven by instincts which they use basically to survive. It is often this biologist...

Editorial thoughts: Can I have a horse, Dad?

What better question? Can I have a horse, Dad? As a young girl, I grew up dreaming of having...

Expert: Equestrian mindset is as important as riding technique

Have you ever learned a new technique in your riding and found your nerves around it prevented you doing...

Horse droppings: What they can tell you about your horse’s overall health

Are your horse's droppings the way they should be? Learn to decode consistent, frequency, color and smell with the help of NAF professionals.

The Icelandic horse: A versatile and friendly legend

The Icelandic horse has gradually become a very popular horse breed, especially in Europe. This Nordic breed is especially...

Did you know this before you bought your first young horse?

The muzzle is gently pushing your arm. You find a treat from your pocket and look at your future best...

Save the zipper on your riding boots

Equestrians' worst nightmare: However, A broken zipper does not necessarily mean you have to buy new boots. You can fix it yourself.

Equestrian safety: Falling off without getting seriously injured

How many times have your tried falling off your horse? An old saying goes, that you are only a...

CARL HEDIN is living the dream – with his feet on the ground

…or trying to. Having gone from being a boy who was bullied for riding ponies to becoming an extremely...

Avoid excess training: Remember to give your horse a break

How good are you at remembering to give your horse a break when you train? The training of your...







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