Study: How much your horse blinks reveals its level of stress

People who lie, who are exposed to a high level of stress or pain tend to blink more. In...

Field time: How many kilometers do horses walk every day?

Have you ever wondered how much your horse actually moves when he´s turned out? Then look no further. A...

9 things you and your horse might miss from the 90s and 00s

A lot has happened since we had horses in the 90s and 00s. Many of us were children and...

8 World Records: This is why horses are so cool

What do you think is the tallest fence a horse has ever jumped? How many years old is the...

Loading horses: Just as hard as a dressage lesson

You have probably met some horses in your life who did not like being loaded onto a trailer. At different...

New horse in the herd? How to integrate it

We all know horror stories when it comes to integrating a new horse into the herd. Many have been...

Save the zipper on your riding boots

Equestrians' worst nightmare: However, A broken zipper does not necessarily mean you have to buy new boots. You can fix it yourself.

Does your horse say no to canter? Here are some possible reasons

The canter is a fantastic gait that can both look impressive and can be like a dream to ride....

OUCH! 5 falls from the horse, which all riders have tried

We love to ride, but it does not always go as we have planned. After all, your four-legged partner...

Surface in the arena: How important is it for your horse?

Do you know how important the surface in the arena is when it comes to health of your horse?...

Barefoot horses: Should you shoe your horse or go unshod?

There is much debate about the pros and cons around barefoot horses. It is a subject that can elicit...

Help your Icelandic horse to a summer without eczema

Summer is for 50% of the imported Icelandic horses synonymous with eczema. The horse gets an itchy and scaly...

Time and money: 9 unavoidable facts about equestrians

Do you also spend all your time and money om your horse? Do you dislike noisy crowds and is very messy outside the stable. You are not alone.

Meet the Camargue horse: It runs (almost) free in the wetlands in France

In the Rhone Delta in the south of France lives the ancient breed Camargue. A breed which is believed...

Did you know this before you bought your first young horse?

The muzzle is gently pushing your arm. You find a treat from your pocket and look at your future best...

When the desire to be perfect prevents you from enjoying the good life

If you want everything to be perfect, you will never be satisfied. The desire to always be or do...

Colic: What to do – and what not to do

Colic is one of the diseases most seen in the equine world, and it is never fun to stand...

Intestinal worms: How to fight the nasty little buggars

The summer is the peak season for your horse to become infected with intestinal worms. Here you can learn...

Fluid needs: How many liters of fluid does your horse contain

The horse's fluid need is quite large. So how can you stay on top of the heat and make...

Perspective: How do horses see the world?

The world looks very different to horses because of their vision. Horses simply see the world differently than we...

Equestrian safety: How to fall off without getting seriously injured

How many times have your tried to fall off your horse? An old saying goes, that you are only...

Tiniest breed in the world: Falabella is 100 % horse

The Falabella is the world's tiniest horse breed. It measures about 65-75 cm. It is known for its gentle,...

Equestrian safety: Can you ride with a concussion?

What does it feel like to get a concussion? Do you feel headaches and nausea after hitting your head?...

Spot the horse’s sunburn and give first aid to the scalded muzzle

Do you know how to treat a muzzle with a sunburn? Summer is here and with that lots of...


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