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About Malgré Tout Media A/S

Malgré Tout Media is Europe´s new digital equestrian media with 100 % FREE CONTENT for riders and people with a passion for horses recreationally, or professionally.

Malgré Tout Media is the place to find inspiration and professional knowledge as well as tips & advice and entertainment for any horse lover. No matter what kind of horse person you are, our mission is to offer you quality content that you don´t have to pay for. In short, we have room for all parts of the equestrian sport and lifestyle.

Malgré Tout Media is independent of federations, horse breeds, and equestrian disciplines.

The name Malgré Tout

The term Malgré Tout is French and means “despite everything”, which ties directly into our mission: To write about and show all the amazing and challenging aspects of a life with horses. Being around horses with everything that comes with it – frustrations as well as joy – is at the center of our focus.

Horses, sports & pleasure

Malgré Tout Media's catchphrase, Horses, Sports & Pleasure, serves as a guide to everything you'll find as a reader or advertiser in our quarterly print magazine. In addition to a digital version of the magazine and a podcast, you'll find more inspirational articles on our website, and the opportunity to follow us on social media. Malgré Tout Media is not only free, independent and of high quality, but also embraces the entire equestrian world.


Malgré Tout Media sees the uniqueness in all types of horses. Whether you like warm-blood horses, Shetland ponies, Icelandic horses, or something completely different, it’s the four-legged, kind animals that we love. Therefore, we need to make room for the horses’ differences and debate their well-being.


Malgré Tout Media wants to pay tribute to all the disciplines in equestrian sports. We believe that going on a hack in the woods is equally a part of the equestrian sport as doing competitions or training in the arena. The sport is as much about recreational riding and training at home, as it is about competitions.


Malgré Tout Media’s content embraces the whole lifestyle of being a horse person. Strong emotions, a variety of opinions, and wonderful moments as well as difficult ones. We create content to help inspire you in the everyday life as a rider and horse owner.

The team

The staff behind Malgré Tout Media consists of people with a shared passion for horses and all things connected to equestrian sport and lifestyle.

Everyone on the editorial staff is trained in communication and journalism and is also a horse person inside and out. In addition, the team consists of several sales and marketing people, passionate about creating even more life and value in the horse industry.

Together we have solid experience in communication, online marketing, sales, design, and executing events. We work towards increasing awareness of and interest in the lifestyle of horses and equestrian sports.
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