RIDE: How Ebony Horse Club Helps Young People

The Ebony Horse Club, located right in the heart of London’s Brixton area, is a community initiative that provides opportunities to gain new experiences outside the box of negative stereotypes.

The club is not only a place where young people can come to develop new skills, they also have the opportunity to get help in all aspects of their life. The club’s aim is to improve the education and aspirations of young people through contact with horses.

In this RIDE video we found out more about this wonderful initiative in the UK’s capital city — meeting some of the team, the horses and the kids who just love the chance to interact with these wonderful animals.

We’re just about creating new opportunities and helping young people reach their goals. We do that by providing horse riding lessons and care sessions, as well as youth work. I never really describe it as a riding centre, I always say that we’re a youth club with horses.

Manager Naomi Howgate.

The Ebony Horse Club has been up and running for 25 years, with the stables added nine years ago. It won the FEI Solidarity Award in both 2010 and 2020!

Horses are definitely really great levellers,” Naomi says. “As soon as the kids are on the horses, nothing else really matters. When you see some of the riding that our young people do; they’re jumping, they’re doing quite complicated things and it doesn’t matter what your background is or what your income is.

Watch the full video here…

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