How to ride a Dressage test -Top tips

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As we are hopefully getting closer to being able to compete again, now is a really good time to go over important things to remember in the arena.

Join Olivia Towers when she gets valuable tips from FEI Dressage judge Isobel Wessels on the mistakes that could cost you at your next competion. Together they address ‘test rustiness’, and the common mistakes riders can make when they haven’t been in the arena for a while.

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Riding the Centre Line in Trot 

Whether at the beginning or at the end of your test, the centre line is your chance to make a real impression on the judge. It’s a movement built of accuracy – riding up the ¾ line and hoping a winning smile will mask your drift simply isn’t going to do it. So, how do you improve your accuracy? 

When entering at A, Isobel advise is to allow yourself plenty of room before making the turn to enter the arena. This is particularly useful for young horses, who are more likely to get of balance and get wobbly. They should be able to be ridden straight ahead before officially starting their test.

Watch the vlog: Dressage tips from FEI judge Isobel Wessels with Olivia Towers

How to ride a Dressage test – With Olivia Towers & FEI judge Isobel Wessels vlog

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How to improve your posture too

Another top tip is to always look above and beyond the C marker. Not only does this improve your posture as a rider but concentrating on the horizon also allows you to ride a straighter, more positive line. Riders who stare at their horse’s neck often loose their way and complain their C marker comes up quickly.

At some point during your test you’ll be required to halt on the centreline. Your judge will look for three main things here; the accuracy of the halt, how submissive your horse is to the transition and how direct the transition is.

If you want to learn more, you can do so in the full article FEI Stories.

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