Crunchits: Elevate Your Horse’s Snacking Game with Specialized Manufacturing and Tempting Flavors

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When it comes to horse treats, not all options are created equal. That’s why we’re excited to introduce our unique Crunchits horse treats. These treats offer a range of distinctive features and benefits that set them apart from the rest. From their specialized manufacturing process to the selection of flavors and suitability for all horses, Crunchits are designed to be a cut above the rest.

Specialised Manufacturing Process for a Unique Texture

One of the key aspects that make Crunchits truly special is the manufacturing process. These treats go through a specialized process that gives them a unique texture. The result is a treat that horses find irresistible. The texture provides an engaging and enjoyable chewing experience, keeping your horse entertained and satisfied.

Four Delicious Flavors

Crunchits come in a variety of flavors that will make your horse’s taste buds dance with delight. We offer four irresistible options: beetroot, carrot, banana, and parsnip. These natural flavors are carefully selected to ensure that each treat is bursting with deliciousness. Whether your horse has a preference for sweet or savory, Crunchits have something to satisfy every palate.

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Molasses and Alfalfa Free

We understand that some horse owners prefer to avoid certain ingredients in their horse’s diet. That’s why Crunchits are completely free from molasses and alfalfa. We believe in providing a wholesome and nutritious treat option that caters to a wide range of dietary needs. With Crunchits, you can treat your horse without worrying about unwanted additives.

Suitable for All Horses

Crunchits are designed to be suitable for all horses, including those with specific dietary requirements. These treats have a low sugar content, making them a great choice for horses prone to laminitis or those on a restricted sugar intake. Additionally, Crunchits are infused with natural fruit and vegetable flavors, enhancing their appeal while providing a healthy alternative to artificial additives.

BETA NOPS Scheme Approved

We understand the importance of quality and safety when it comes to horse treats. That’s why Crunchits are approved under the BETA NOPS Scheme. This certification ensures that our treats are free from prohibited substances, giving you peace of mind and reassurance that you’re offering your horse a trusted and reliable product.

Features and Functionality of the Product

Crunchits are not just tasty treats; they also offer several features and functionalities that make them an excellent choice for horse owners.

Tasty Flavors

Crunchits offer a variety of flavors that horses love. The beetroot flavor provides a sweet and earthy taste, while the carrot flavor offers a hint of natural sweetness. If your horse enjoys tropical delights, the banana flavor will be a hit. And for a unique and slightly sweet taste, the parsnip flavor is the way to go. With Crunchits, you can switch up the flavors and keep your horse excited for treat time.

Problem-Solving for Customers

Crunchits solve a common problem faced by horse owners: finding a treat that combines taste, quality ingredients, and suitability for specific dietary needs. With their low sugar content and natural fruit and vegetable flavors, Crunchits cater to horses with dietary restrictions without compromising on taste or enjoyment. You can treat your horse with confidence, knowing that Crunchits are designed with their well-being in mind.

Video Content for More Information

If you’re eager to learn more about Crunchits and see them in action, we have a helpful overview video available. This video provides a closer look at the treats, highlighting their unique texture, flavors, and the joy they bring to horses. Watch the video to get a better sense of what makes Crunchits stand out from other horse treats.

Complementary Products in the Nutrition Range

In addition to Crunchits, we offer a range of complementary products in our nutrition range. These products are designed to provide your horse with a well-rounded and balanced diet. Two popular options are Vitamunch and Simply Irresistible. Vitamunch is a nutritious forage snack packed with essential vitamins and minerals, while Simply Irresistible is a natural feed topping that enhances palatability and encourages fussy eaters to enjoy their meals.


Crunchits horse treats are a unique and exceptional choice for horse owners who want to treat their equine companions to something special. With their specialized manufacturing process, four delicious flavors, suitability for all horses, and a range of complementary products, Crunchits offer a well-rounded treat option that keeps both horses and owners happy.

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Are Crunchits suitable for horses with dietary restrictions?

Yes, Crunchits are suitable for horses with dietary restrictions as they have a low sugar content and are free from molasses and alfalfa.

How many flavors do Crunchits come in?

Crunchits come in four delicious flavors: beetroot, carrot, banana, and parsnip.

Are Crunchits approved under any certification?

Yes, Crunchits are approved under the BETA NOPS Scheme, ensuring they are free from prohibited substances.

Can I find additional video content about Crunchits?

Yes, we have an overview video that provides more information about Crunchits and showcases their unique features.

What other products complement Crunchits in your nutrition range?

Two complementary products in our nutrition range are Vitamunch and Simply Irresistible, offering additional options to enhance your horse’s diet.

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