“Holi Horses” by photographer Andrea Zachrau

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“Holi Horses” has become a trademark for German horse photographer Andrea Zachrau. The images of horses with the coloured powder traditionally thrown into the air at the Indian Holi have fascinated horse owners and jury members of prestigious photography competitions around the world. Here you get a sneak peek at some of the beautiful photos.


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About Andrea Zachrau

Besides being a successful horse photographer, Andrea works as Managing Editor at “Reitsport Magazin”. In 2014 she worked as an intern for the world-renowned horse photographer Jacque Toffi who became her mentor and her biggest inspiration. In her work, she always tries to find new creative ways to photograph horses and combines techniques that can usually only be found in human fashion photography.

Photographer Andrea Zachrau with a camera in her hands sitting in grass with a chestnut brown horse with white markings.
Author of the photos Andrea Zachrau

“Jacque Toffi is known for taking pictures with very special effects and unusual angles. Working with him has inspired me to try to do something different. I love to experiment.”

Dark brown horse covered in colored orange and red Holi powder captured in motion
Photo: Andrea Zachrau Photography

I love the different effects you can achieve by using Holi powder and how it can reflect the character of the horse. The powder is spectacular in itself, and it makes the horse appear even more spectacular which is the exact intention.”

Black horse covered in colored blue and yellow powder captured from the profile
Photo: Andrea Zachrau Photography

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Sometimes you can easily get to throw the powder, and other times you only get to put a tiny bit on the horse’s fur and then blow at it a little. So, it is actually necessary for the horse and owner to train before a Holi photoshoot.

Chestnut brown horse with white hair captured standing while covered in colored white Holi powder
You can see many more horse photos on Andrea`s website

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