Editorial thoughts: Can I have a horse, Dad?

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What better question? Can I have a horse, Dad? As a young girl, I grew up dreaming of having my own horse. I even remember how much I daydreamed about horses when I was little. And every day when I cycled home from the riding school, I told everyone I met – with a pure zeal in my voice – about my day with the horses.  

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When I turned thirteen the dream finally came true. And although I could not quite understand the sudden change in my parents’ shift of opinion towards buying a pony, I was overwhelmed with joy.  

Of course, as parents you have to be well acquainted with the responsibility that comes with purchasing an animal. But sometimes I think that especially the fathers suffer too many concerns. Being a pony Dad is not an easy job. I am sure it was difficult for my Dad to relate to a sport that is all about jumping over things, moving in strange gaits and looking funny while doing it! But my father also saw the joy in my eyes and watched me grow up to become a responsible and caring person. Thanks to my horse.  

Therefore, we have gathered eight really good reasons why you – Dad – should allow your daughter to have her own pony! 

1. She learns to be responsible 

Caring for another being is a huge deal. Especially when the animal is a 850 pound horse. Or even when it is a half the size pony. But do not get me wrong your daughter will grow up becoming responsible. In addition, she will of course also become a real fighter, gain empathy for others and never settle – and these are good qualities too! 

2. No boys allowed – kind of

Equstrian sport is a very women-dominated sport. So as a Dad you need not be worried about your little girl bringing home a boyfriend. There are not that many boys lurking around the barn or stable. And thought times might be changing a bit in the area, your daughter is far too busy to notice any boys with all the mucking, sweeping and grooming that needs to be done. 

3. She is too tired to cause you any trouble 

Believe me when I say do not worry. Your daughter spends all her time on her horse. Which also means that there is no time for going out on weekends (as she gets older), or hanging out with older boys. Your daughter sees her stable-friends as her besties. Sounds perfect, Dad? And a perfect Friday night consist of polishing equipment and laughing with her friends at the same time. So just relax! 

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4. Fashion Crisis? Never! 

Give your daughter some new riding gear occasionally and she will be completely happy. You do not have to worry about her spending too much time in the bathroom getting ready for school in the morning. She is up and ready to go in ten minutes. She prefers her breeches and a jersey top. And as long as there are clean clothes in the closet, she is ready. A pure win-win situation! 

You always know where to find you daughter if she has a pony or horse. Photo: Canva Pro.

5. You know her whereabouts 

Is your daughter not answering her phone? Do not worry. Either you wait for her to call back. Or else drive out to the stable. There is a 99% chance that is where you will find her. It is really not that complicated with a pony daughter! 

6. She will have a friend for life 

A horse is not “just a horse”, but a friend. Therefore, by giving your daughter a horse, she will have a friend that her da gave her. A friend whom she will be able to trust through several stages of her life. Many people mistakenly believe that a horse is just something you ride. But a horse is so much more than that – and what it gives you, is not something you can get anywhere else. 

7. It is not all about the money 

We know that equestrian sport is expensive and that not everyone can afford a horse. However, if you are considering buying a pony or a horse anyway, remember this. Not everything is about money and not everything needs to be brand new and perfect to do the trick. You can easily buy a horse at a reasonable price. Just make sure you seek advice with people you know and trust. Ask around and do not buy the first pony your daughter shows you.

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