Ditte Young: This Monthly Theme is Love

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The month of February will allow you to give yourself more self-love and to spend time with your horse that you can never get back. We are tired of being in a lock down and the competitions are canceled. Yet, this time allows you to connect with your horse in a completely different way, so that when we open the country up again, you are able to reach new heights together.

It occurs when you feel that you want to isolate yourself, that you are lonely and people around you do not understand you. Or there may be situations where you are forced to be alone.

Maybe this void and this feeling is created in pain where you get upset to begin with. But keep in mind that the universe is trying to create this gap for you for a reason.

When you are “forced” to feel yourself, you can easily think about:

  • Who do you want to spend time with (your relationships)?
  • What is the meaning of you being here on earth (your life purpose)?
  • How will you live your life (your values)?
  • What does your future look like (your foundation)?

Once you know this, it will be your job to state what you want from people in the time to come. You may demand what you need. Even if you are not used to it because you are a giver. Or you may be too shy or feel too little worth, wanting something from others.


Know that other people around you are also open to “opening their eyes” right now. Therefore, you can open your mouth and speak up. People will be much more open to your inner self than you assume they are. Be willing to state what you feel for, what you do not want and what you would like more of. You will know if you CANNOT get through with your inner wishes with some persons and then don’t do it. But with those you are insecure about will actually hear you, open your mouth and share what you really want to say. Because it will challenge their personal and spiritual development too.

If you do not open your mouth, then they have nothing to develop with. Things have changed. People want to know YOUR truth unconsciously, on a soul level so it can help them develop: What is their truth? This is how we develop each other.

What exactly is a real connection?

We want to be connected to other people and our horses so that we do not feel lonely. But this feeling does not fall from the sky by itself. It is something we must create TOGETHER, and with some of them, that we already HAVE in our lives.

There are great forces at play in the month of February around the theme: love, because the month of January was about family and themes that needed to be looked at again and patterns that needed to be broken. Some more painful than others. But with big upheavals, showdowns and discussions. You’re pretty much mastered those themes by now.

February provides an opportunity to open up new insights and involve you even more in your horse if you will. You may experience a greater concern around your horse, whether or not it is injured. The universe gives you this time gap so that you can spend time together in a different way than you usually do.

You may also find that your horse is extremely SENSITIVE at the moment without any explanation. You may notice that it is under stimulated due to the weather and you cannot ride out as usual. But you should also know that this is ALSO an opening to get to know each other better and on a different level.

If you are feeling a conflict with your horse right now, or do not feel that it is giving you anything, then you need to know that the time has come for you to also give your share now.

Even if you do not feel that you aren’t doing anything else in cleaning, feeding, letting it out on it’s fold and ordering therapists and veterinarians for it.

It is not up to your horse to satisfy you – for you to have peace, which I know you so desperately are longing for right now.

You also need to look at what YOU can do to satisfy your horse to create balance.

And it is so simple as this:
– YOU YOURSELF have to be in balance –

The energies point back to the fact that you are providing self-love and care for yourself now, so that in this way you KNOW what you want and what you do not want.

What you want deep down and dare to say it out loud. When you can practice that, THEN you are balances.

I wish you an amazing month of February – in love for yourself and for your horse.
Ditte Young

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