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The last two weeks of April have been absolutely horrible! I have seen people around me squirm, attack and project to a degree I have rarely seen. And I have even had to stop and say that people behaved very ugly. I predicted it would happen in the month of April. However, I had not anticipated that people close to you would become so unpleasant. Where did all that anger and anxiety suddenly come from?


It is clear that when you change and you choose a life where you are more free to be YOU, then your surroundings react. Either you did not feel understood or they did not understand you.
But the question along the way was all the time: Can you understand each other?

Have you been preoccupied with having a hard time in the new phase where you are? About finding a new identity in the form of: Who are you now? What kind of rider am I now? Do my new training methods make sense to me?

Do you recognize that you have needed support around you? While the ones you love the most have been on the exact same journey that you have. Therefore, there are some who have not managed to support each other.

Therefore, the theme of April has been, and the themes of May are: To have a family, or to belong to. It can also be turned into: The fear of no longer having a family 2 as 4-legged – or belonging.

“When a theme so big hits us, it is undeniably followed by a shock wave of anxiety – of losing”

You have to look at
-What does being with my horse mean to me now?
-What do I think about the way I keep my horse – compared to what I once knew?
-Can I still be me, without my horse choosing to not want me?
-I want a family and / or a horse
-Can I be part of a family and be loved?

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Many people have therefore felt like fleeing or freezing because we had to let go of the fear of what we are most afraid of. It is really about whether we dare to love and be loved.

Whether we are confident in the relational constellations we have or not.

During this period, it is also clear that you will undeniably encounter the theme: Being in total symbiosis with your horse. Or the fear of losing your horse. I have no doubt that you have made an extra effort for a long time in the company of your horse. For now, perhaps to discover the fear that your horse will be taken from you, or that which you knew or dreamed of will be taken from you.

All of this puts a lot of pressure on the relationships you have where you are in symbiosis with someone you love. It can be your soulmate, your mother, your daughter, your sister, your horse or your boyfriend etc.


Of course, there are limits too. Love is not limitless. Your task will be to feel, you can love the other person, your horse, or another horse completely – for whom he or she is. AND at the same time let go of the old. Not in anger, not in disappointment. But in love!

“Because YOU know you’ve done your best. Or YOU KNOW you’re done now. Not in punishment, not in grief, but simply as in letting go”

This month therefore gives you the opportunity to drop your defense and let down all your guards. You do not need to flee, to fight, to freeze anymore. Reactions which make you sick either in HERE AND NOW or in the long run. You need to just BE and let go without any anxiety and worries. That way you will heal. And when you heal, you also heal your horse.

That is why there are so many relational challenges right now because it is through them that we can change.

I wish you a very good month of May.

Yours Sincerly
Ditte Young

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