10 Avoidable Facts About Equestrians

Equestrians are a strange group of people. We spend most of our time in the stable, barely have any social life outside the “horse world” and all our money are saved for the horse. We always put the horse before our selves which means we are quite good at showing empathy. At Malgré Tout Media we operate with more than 50 years of equestrian experience. This means we can provide you with some clear facts about equestrians and why we are so extraordinary. Perhaps you recognize some of them? 

Sorry to say, we do not wish for the company of children. Unless, of course, it is your own. Otherwise, we try to avoid children because, let’s face it, they are noisy and demanding. If the horse, on the other hand, is difficult then we are immediately trying to keep it calm and comfort it. 

We barely have time for anything else than the horse. Shopping, cinema, date nights or dinner with girlfriends should be planned long time ahead (at least six months beforehand). However, we do meet up with all our stable friends more than our own family.  

We do not appreciate big, noisy crowds. At a concert you probably stand in the back away from all the others. Equestrians prefer, in general, silence, sound of the wind in the trees and hoofs against the asphalt.  

We would rather walk all day in horse poo than stepping in bird droppings. This is actually one of the most disgusting things we know. We are not delicate – we just really dislike remains from all other animals. 

It is not a problem to keep the stable clean. But your car and home are constantly dirty. Come on, admit it, the car is extremely messy. However, this is okay if the stable is spotless, and the passages are swept.  

Just admit it – all equestrians have at some point in their life dreamed of racing across a golf course.  

We are clumsy. Not when we sit on the horse. Here we are graceful and has deep control of our body. But as soon as we jump off the horse, we cannot walk 100 meters without falling over something, having spinach in our teeth or toilet paper sticking to a shoe.  

Every time we decide something, we always ask ourselves: “Will it affect my riding?” We can only agree to go on vacations or weekend trips if our horse is taken good care off, while we are gone.  

We work to collect enough money to finance our horse. Because let’s face it, the horse is our true passion – not the career. 

Last but not least, we are so not creative. Other people laugh at us when we try to draw something. Visual art classes in school were kind of a nightmare to most of us. On the other hand, we are good at organizing, keeping structure and having the overview.  

Now, the big question is: Are we, at Malgré Tout Media, right? Have we forgotten something? Please let us know what you think.  

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