Tina Nielsen


A Hackamore Might Gossip About Your Riding Skills

Have you ever ridden with a hackamore? It requires a advanced rider but if you get the hang if it, you will have a satisfied horse.

Jealousy in Equestrian Sport: What Can We Learn from this Emotion?

Have you ever felt jealous at another rider? In this article we describe different types of jealousy. Which to focus on and which to embrace.

Save the Zipper on Your Riding Boots – This is How Easy It Is

Equestrians' worst nightmare: However, A broken zipper does not necessarily mean you have to buy new boots. You can fix it yourself.

5 Things Any Owner of a Gelding Knows About

Find out what type of gelding your horse is. Perhaps it is the bully, the gentleman or the nonchalant one?

3 Pole Exercises to Develop Your Dressage Horse

Pole work is not just fruitful for jumping equipages or only just for fun. Actually, it is far from that. Training with poles helps improving the strength of your dressage horse and...

The 10 Most Dangerous Things – Seen Through the Eyes of a Horse

Horses can be scared of the silliest and craziest things - seen with our eyes. Their flight instinct can really put their owners to the test, and when that happens you find...

3 Serious Reasons Your Horse Pees During Training

Do your horse pees a lot or seems troubled when having to pee specially during a riding lesson? It might be an indications of disorders.

When is Your Horse Actually Old?

It is often said that a horse can live until it is somewhere between 20 and 35 years old. This depends of course on the breed, how hard the horse has been...

Tina Nielsen


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