Tina Bjerre Nielsen


Save the zipper on your riding boots

Equestrians' worst nightmare: However, A broken zipper does not necessarily mean you have to buy new boots. You can fix it yourself.

Spot the horse’s sunburn and give first aid to the scalded muzzle

Do you know how to treat a muzzle with a sunburn? Summer is here and with that lots of sun. If you are the happy owner of a horse with a pink...

Right or left? Find out which leg your horse primarily uses

Do you know if your horse is either right or left 'handed'? Otherwise you can read how to find out and work with asymmetry in this article.

Jealousy in equestrian sport: What can we learn from this emotion?

Have you ever felt jealous at another rider? In this article we describe different types of jealousy. Which to focus on and which to embrace.

Most characteristic: 5 things any owner of a gelding knows about

Find out what type of gelding your horse is. Perhaps it is the bully, the gentleman or the nonchalant one?

Horses and thunderstorms: Why we need to respect this phenomenon

Thunderstorms are neither man's nor the horse's best friend. When it rumbles and the sky lights up, it is hard not to think of your horse. Is it scared? Will lightning strike...

Horses in the summer – it is the best time of the year and just so much fun!

It is just fun to have a horse in the summer, don't you think? So let us take a quick moment to enjoy and appreciate this special time of the year. When...

Heat regulation: How to best help your horse in the summer

Do you know how to deal with heat regulation? When the temperatures reach around 25 degrees celcius, our horses have a hard time keeping their body temperature down. On the really hot...

Tina Bjerre Nielsen


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