Bettina Stecher


Does your horse say no to canter? Here are some possible reasons

The canter is a fantastic gait that can both look impressive and can be like a dream to ride. That said, the canter come equally easy to all horses. Some crash into...

Veterinarian: Why treating the symptoms is not enough

Treating the symptoms or finding the cause? Your horse cannot tell you in words if something hurts or bothers. Instead, it will try to show it with its actions. Some horses become...

Asymmetry: How and why you should check if your horse is crooked

Asymmetry or symmetry? Neither man, nor horse is completely symmetrical in the body. But any asymmetry should preferably not be too distinct. This could, among other things, have consequences for the body's...

A good posture is important for the horse – even when we are not riding

Does a good posture only apply to the rider? Or does it also make a difference whether the horse has a good posture? Yes, very much so. And when we speak of...

A Celebration to the Beautiful, Elderly Horses

Do you have an old horse? Then you know how wonderful they are. You can see more elderly horses in this article and read their stories.

The Team Behind Dufour’s shortfilm: We Want to be Inspired and Touched

Advertisement by Northly Film Cathrine is charming and down to earth – a good ambassador for the equine sport. She gives something to all of us who love horses and equine sport. This is...

Bettina Stecher


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