10 things your horse should not eat

The online store has compiled a list of 10 things your horse should not eat. We all tend to pamper our horses with treats. There are many products on the market...

The Holsteiner: The strong jumper with a fierceful drive and lots of optimism

The exceptional athlete and magnificent show jumper, which today is popular all over Europe, America, and Asia, originates from Schleswig-Holstein in Germany. It has gained a strong reputation from having shown great...

Fluid needs: How many liters of fluid does your horse contain

The horse's fluid need is quite large. So how can you stay on top of the heat and make sure your horse is not going to get thirsty when the sun is...

Part 1: Horses around the world – from horsepower to popular sport

Worldwide there are about 70 million horses. In this first part of a serie we focus on selected parts of horses in the world. We want to find out how other nations...

Top 10: Dangerous things seen through your horse’s eyes

What does the world look like seen through your horse's eyes? Horses can be scared of the silliest and craziest things. Their flight instinct can really put their owners to the test,...

Part 2: Horses in the World – Life as a Travelling Equestrian

Do you dream of a holiday on horseback? Meet Mathilde who organizes trips for turists to beautiful destinations all over the world.

The Newborn Foal: This is What You Should be Aware Of

Are you expecting a foal anytime soon? Here is the most basic signs you should look for when your newborn foal is finally here.

Bates Saddles announced as Official Partner of the German Equestrian Federation

As a saddlery company, Bates Saddles has long been focused on education – not only through their research and development, but in sharing what they know with as many equestrians as possible...



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