Part 1: Horses in the World – First as Horsepower Today a Popular Sport

Worldwide there is about 70 million horses, and we are going to research some of them. This is why we in a series of articles focus on ‘horses in the world’. We want...

10 reasons why you should never date a horse girl

When this article was to be written, I had to ask my boyfriend nicely to participate. He recently went right down the rabbid whole, when he met me.He started dating a horse...

Bulbs – the shock absorbers of the horse

Have you ever thought about the function of your horse’s bulbs? Well, the ones placed at the bottom of each leg of course. Companied by the other important parts of the horse’s...

Top 10 most dangerous things – seen through your horse’s eyes

Horses can be scared of the silliest and craziest things - seen through our eyes. Their flight instinct can really put their owners to the test, and when that happens, you really...

Magazine #2 out now!

Welcome to Malgré Tout Media's online magazine! The magazine is published once a month, deeply studying current topics within the horse world. The magazine can be read online via the web or downloaded...



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