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Elevate your riding arena's performance

Elevate your riding arena's performance
Elevate your riding arena's performance

with the Ebb&Flow system from OTTO-Arena system


Even though watering the arena is very important to keep it in good condition, it can take a lot of work to get it done. With the Ebb&Flow system from OTTO Arena System, keeping the ground perfectly moist has never been easier!   

OTTO Arena System is a family-owned corporation with almost 30 years of experience creating equestrian arenas. The company founder Werner Otto wanted to create excellent conditions for equestrian sports, and therefore he started to develop a special type of surface for riding arenas.   

Most horse riders will know that riding in outside arenas is not any easier during rainy times. The arena gets wet, slippery, and muddy; hence Werner Otto knew that the arena had to have the perfect drainage system. He made the OTTO-PerforatedMat, for the ideal surface at riding arenas. Today, the goal remains to create the best conditions for arenas worldwide.

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Why use the Ebb&Flow system?

The Ebb&Flow system is an easy and simple way to water your arena from below to make watering more convenient so that you can keep the perfect surface in your riding arena. You won't even notice when watering is happening! You can simply adjust the water level down to centimeters.
Combined with the OTTO-PerforatedMat and the OTTO-ArenaText Footing, you will have the best match to keep your riding arena in perfect condition. 

How does the Ebb&Flow system work?

It does not have to be rocket science to water your arena, and you probably already know the process behind the system. If you ever tried to dip a sugar cube into a cup of coffee, you will see the “capillary effect”, and it is the same thing happening when you are using the Ebb&Flow system. A simple system of water flowing back and forth. A layer of sand will be put underneath the OTTO-PerforatedMats. Then you can regulate the amount of water consistently transported up into the footing, so the arena is always provided with the necessary amount of water to keep the riding arena perfectly moist.  The system consists of water pipes, shafts, and valves to keep the arena in superb shape for riding. During rainfalls, the water is automatically led out, but during dry periods, more water will be let in.  

You can always adjust the desired water level down to every little centimeter from the control panel. Here you also find a button to let water in and out, and you will find an emergency showdown if needed.  When the responsive sensors detect the required amount of water in the arena, the water is either withdrawn or added from the riding arena – all automatically.   

It is important to notice that the Ebb&Flow system is more than just watering the arena. It is a whole concept and a different way of maintaining your riding arena. OTTO Arena System is capable of providing the entire concept for your new riding arena, rather than only delivering the materials.  

Photo: Malgré Tout

How to install the Ebb&Flow system

The installation of the Ebb&Flow system can be carried out by yourself or together with a local construction company. OTTO Arena System provides all the necessary information for this and can optionally also offer a supervisor to guide the construction company with regard to the installation and assembly of the building materials and technical components as well as to accompany the corresponding work.  

In eight simple steps, you can get the Ebb&Flow system for your own arena:  

1. Preparation of soil   

The Ebb&Flow systems need an even and stable surface without an incline.  

2. Installation of curbstones   

By adding curbstones, you do not only create a border for the arena. They also make a stable surrounding for the water-permeable pool created by an adequate PVC liner.  

3. Installation of the PVC Liner   

The PVC liner will keep any water used to irrigate the arena inside the system. The PVC liner is water-impermeable and is spread across the entire arena and over the installed curbstones.  

4. Installation of the electronics   

The water level can be adjusted down to every little centimeter with a control panel. The required level is maintained automatically by the system. Rain from rainfall, for instance, can drain through outlets, and when additional water is needed – during dry periods – it is automatically pumped into the arena. 

The control panel - Photo: Malgré Tout

 5. Installation of water pipes  

PVC pipes are being installed to transport the water into and out of the arena. They are installed across the arena with a gap of 2 meters between each other, and they are covered with ‘stockings’ so that sand does not get into the pipes.   

6. Installation of the irrigation sand layer   

By installing a sand layer on top of the pipes, it is possible to get the water from the pipes up and into the footing – because of the capillary effect as described. Once the sand layer is spread around the arena, it will be adequately leveled using laser-controlled grading machines.  

7. Installation of OTTO-PerforatedMats   

Put the OTTO-PerforatedMat on top of the irrigation sand layer to get the full experience with the OTTO-Evbb&Flow system in your arena.   

More info about the OTTO-PerforatedMat can be found here 

8. Installation of OTTO-ArenaTex Footing   

Last but not least, the famous footing layer called OTTO-ArenaTex is installed on top of the OTTO-PerforatedMats with a layer thickness of 10 cm.  

This layer is accurately leveled using laser-controlled graders as well.  

OTTO-ArenaTex is a blend of silica sand, textiles and fibers developed over decades. It provides horses and riders with numerous safety, health and performance benefits.  

The OTTO-PerforatedMat - Photo: Malgré Tout

The benefits

  • Automatically, easy and convenient   
  • Perfectly moist at all times.  
  • Best bouncing effect for your horse, therefore gentle on the horse’s joints.  
  • You can water the footing at any time – even with horses and riders in the arena   

Read more about the OTTO-Ebb&Flow system here.  

Thank you to Langebækgaard Ridecenter for making the photoshoot possible at this beautiful location.

Read more about OTTO Arena System on Malgré Tout


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