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Does your horse's zodiac sign match them?

Have you ever considered that your horse also has a zodiac sign? And have you considered whether it actually suits them? And whether it suits you? Of course, this requires you to know your horse's birth date. If you don’t, you can certainly find the zodiac sign that your horse should at least be. The zodiac signs cover 12 different personalities, each with their strengths and weaknesses.

The loyal (aquarius)

20th January – 18th February

Aquarius is loyal in the field and always does its best for its rider. Once persuaded, it loves to work, and above all, it loves to be rewarded for its efforts! When not under the rider, its absolute favorite discipline is to frolic around the paddock, roll around, and get muddy from ear to hoof. It enjoys spending time with all sorts of people but is not always good at interacting with other horses. Therefore, it is very sociable as soon as there are people nearby and always searches pockets for a treat. Aquarius is nothing less than a rough diamond that bonds with its rider and takes the world around it in stride.

The sensitive (pisces)

19th February – 20th March

Pisces is sensitive, friendly, and intelligent. It likes to be in the center, and therefore it is very reliable under the rider. It almost always responds positively. It is loyal to its owner and often brings a smile to the face. However, do not be mistaken, as it can also be sensitive and worried. It gets upset when it does not understand what its rider means. Trust is very important for Pisces, and one must be careful not to exploit it. Pisces is simply a fantastic horse that prefers to have the same rider all its life – and in return, gives everything it has.


The powerful (aries)

21st March – 19th April

Aries is an energetic horse with lots of power. Its physique is so impressive that one can easily fall in love with it. Its temperament can change with the wind, but one thing is certain: it will always be extremely strong and go through fire and water for what you ask of it. It can be reserved, but if it gets to know its rider well, it can be more generous than anything else and show immense talent. This makes it both fantastic and very addictive to ride. However, you should be ready to admit when it is right. It is indeed both hyperactive and very stubborn. So, if you choose a battle with an Aries, be prepared to fight for hours. However, once you have found the rhythm with it, it can be the horse for life.

The charmer (taurus)

20th April – 20th May

Taurus loves attention and enjoys being pampered and made beautiful, especially before a competition. It can be very stubborn and somewhat fiery but is also extremely outgoing and loves new experiences. This enables it to go far for its rider (and itself) – and it often leads to success. In general, it will do everything to get its way. Therefore, it often begs in the stable aisle, finds it hard to stand still, and has not seen a shadow of patience once it has set its mind on something. If Taurus decides to leave the track, there is not much to do. And when it is done showing off, it loves to take a long nap in the box. This horse really loves itself, but it certainly also has something to have it in – and it is irresistible!

The confused but loving (gemini)

21st May – 20th June

Gemini is always a bit confused. However, it is good at listening and very loving. It loves to be talked to but can also get offended if one is too harsh with it. It always does its best and is generally well-behaved. Often, however, it ends up confusing its rider by suddenly stopping, bucking, or getting scared of even the smallest things. As a rider, you are a bit unsure about what is actually going on inside its head. It is relatively forgetful and not always good at learning new things, which makes it take a long time to really grow up. In the stable aisle, however, it is always easy to be with because it both wants to cuddle and is extremely curious. If you agree that patience is a virtue, it can become a fantastic horse that you will love for the rest of its life.


The inventive (cancer)

21st June – 22nd July

Cancer is full of good ideas, wherever it is. It is a horse that always looks at the possibilities rather than the limitations. This makes it good on a jumping or cross-country course, but it also makes it incredibly good at teaching other horses its bad habits. It literally likes to think outside the box, as it loves to be inventive and find a good way to break out. Unfortunately, this just means that it often gets into trouble or maybe even gets injured. For the same reason, it loves to stay home in familiar surroundings, where it knows things inside and out. Under the rider, Cancer prefers not to argue but to fight back if things go wrong. This horse is a real Gyro Gearloose, always ready with a good idea and a solution to everything. Therefore, it can also manage to carry its rider far.

The experienced (leo)

23rd July – 22nd August

Leo is usually relaxed and confident because it knows what it is dealing with when it is in action. Most importantly, it likes to lead and determine the way, and a bad day at a competition with Leo will usually make things worse before they get better. Therefore, it can sometimes become a bit irritable, and it only gets worse if it does not get its way. Besides being well-experienced and very predictable to deal with, Leo is also extremely loving. This makes it good for beginners, and since it always wants to lead and fight hard, it is good in any discipline. In general, Leo really feels at home when it comes to life with a rider on its back. This makes it both hard to find and really hard to let go of.

The always positive (virgo)

23rd August – 22nd September

Virgo is picky, stubborn, and intelligent – and if respected, it is always positive. It wants to decide everything – also when it has to cooperate with its rider – and will do everything to have the last word. However, it is also lovable and can be very loyal. This makes Virgo predominantly easy to ride, as long as you do it on its terms. It is particularly suitable as an eventing horse because its optimism makes it both brave and technically skilled. Virgo often thinks it knows better than its rider – and usually, it is right. Virgo is indeed the horse that often saves its rider's butt when things are going wrong. It is 100% dedicated and keeps going until the goal is reached.

The social (libra)

23rd September – 22nd October

Libra loves to be part of a team and is friendly, sweet, and quite silly. Fair play is its life mantra, and therefore it never does anything without thinking about its surroundings. Because it is so socially inclined, it is also very patient with both people and other horses. However, do not be mistaken about Libra; as much as it can be sweet and friendly, it can also be so silly that it ends up making its rider a bit nervous or even scared of it. Thus, Libra possesses the unique ability to create as much havoc as it can prevent, and on the competition track, it is often the horse where it can go as well as it can go badly.


The thoughtful (scorpio)

23rd October – 21st November

Scorpio is a real "all-round" horse, dedicated to doing what is expected of it. It is really energetic but also predictable and very thoughtful. It enjoys having the same rider over a longer period but is not afraid to start over with a new one. Scorpio, therefore, manages to carry many riders forward in the sport during its life. It is brave and naturally stubborn, and it always likes to work, even into old age – even at the expense of its health. It is sensible and rarely gets scared, and it is pretty much the same horse every day. Scorpio is good at protecting people and animals around it, especially if it is with a foal. Overall, it is hardworking, thinks of others before itself, and is therefore a pleasure to work with.

The confident (sagittarius)

22nd November – 21st December

Sagittarius is an extremely confident and self-willed horse. It is intelligent, athletic, and prefers to have only one rider. If it doesn’t, it quickly goes its own way and can here be perceived as a "problem horse". Actually, it is just unusually intelligent and self-sufficient. If it were up to Sagittarius, it could easily win a competition or take a long ride in the forest without a rider on its back. Therefore, it also prefers to be alone both in its box and in the paddock. The mind of Sagittarius makes it extremely difficult to bond with, but if it happens, you undoubtedly have a friend for life who will always fight to the last with its rider. However, be aware that even though Sagittarius loves its rider, it is rarely good at showing it.

The hardworking (capricorn)

22nd December – 19th January

Capricorn is best described as the most hardworking of all. It enjoys working and invests all its energy every time something is demanded of it. It is ambitious, proud, and unusually focused. It thrives in a busy environment, does not stress up, and always knows its job. Therefore, it certainly does not appreciate it if someone tries to tell it how things should be done. Capricorn is – almost always – a winner and loves to be celebrated with its rider. It is never silly or naughty, and virtually nothing can scare it. It possesses an innate sense of dignity, which is rarely seen. Therefore, it is nothing less than a treasure for any rider, and it is just about holding on once you have got hold of it.


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