Halloween: Decorate the stable with a homemade horse-pumpkin

Tomorrow it is Halloween – a tradition that is famous in many countries worldwide. Riders are also able to buy a remarkable amount of Halloween equipment for our horses, but what about a pumpkin for the stable? Illustrating a horse of course. Hollow out the pumpkin, be creative with the motif and place candles inside the it. This way, you will have the most beautiful autumn decoration. We have found ten pictures from Instagram as inspiration for your pumpkin. 

Serve the pumpkin-leftovers for your horse 

When you have worked hard to create the most beautiful pumpkin for the stable do not hesitate to serve the leftovers to your horse. Horses have no problem eating pumpkin, as long as it is not ornamental pumpkins. Some horses are just as happy for pumpkin as they are apples or carrots. Of course, you should not feed the horse with the finished pumpkin, because it can contain leftovers of stearin inside it.

The simple pumpkin 

We begin by showing you the simpler pumpkins you can start with. Find a sharp, narrow knife and cut an easy motif. Make it even easier by drawing on the pumpkin or a piece of paper before you begin with the knife.  

The more detailed pumpkins 

It takes a bit more patience and steady hands. You will have the best result if you draw on right on the pumpkin and afterwards cut out the pumpkin. You will also need a smaller, sharper knife for the little details. A trick is to only cut in the surface some places not all the way through. This way, the light from the candle will give a much better impression.  

Those pumpkins which does not require a knife 

Do you have children that wishes to participate in the pumpkin-project? Then we do understand if you are not a fan of them using knives. Therefore, we have found some examples of pretty pumpkins which you can create without a sharp object. With a pencil and beautiful autumn colours you can paint a motif right on the pumpkin. You can also add some different fabrics and cut out funny types of horses.  

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