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8 World Records: This is why horses are so cool

What do you think is the tallest fence a horse has ever jumped? How many years old is the oldest stable in the world, and what is the highest amount of percentages an equipage...

Loading horses: Just as hard as a dressage lesson

You have probably met some horses in your life who did not like being loaded onto a trailer. At different competitions you can often meet people struggling with the horse when it has to get...

Surface in the arena: How important is it for your horse?

Do you know how important the surface in the arena is when it comes to health of your horse? If not, Duncan Peters, who is the owner of Equine Sports Medicine explains...

Time and money: 9 unavoidable facts about equestrians

Do you also spend all your time and money om your horse? Do you dislike noisy crowds and is very messy outside the stable. You are not alone.

Did you know this before you bought your first young horse?

The muzzle is gently pushing your arm. You find a treat from your pocket and look at your future best friend – completely and utterly in love. You cannot wait for him to arrive. To...

Scientists: Global warming increases the amount of laminitis in horses

Global warming is a threat to horses with a tendency of laminitis, scientists says. Read why this is, and what to look out for.

Training: How to find the correct length of your stirrups

Are you in doubt whether your stirrups have the correct length. In this article you will have an easy way to find out if your stirrups fits.

“I am an ordinary rider – I just do everything without equipment”

Riding without equipment probably seem scary for most riders. But not for Lene Olesen. She almost always train her horse without equipment.

Fie Wilken


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