8 World Records: This is why horses are so cool

What do you think is the tallest fence a horse has ever jumped? How many years old is the oldest stable in the world, and what is the highest amount of percentages an equipage has achieved at GP Freestyle? Find the answers here in this collection of 8 impressing records from the Guinness World Records. All records set by great horses from all over the world.  

The highest percentages achieved in GP Freestyle 

Do you remember back the in London in 2010, when an equipage got all the way to the top with a score of 92,30 % in GP Freestyle? The rider was Edward Gal, and he rode on the world-famous dressage horse Totilas. 92.30 % is the highest anyone has ever achieved at FEI World Equestrian Games.  

Watch the beautiful equipage. Video: Dressage Hub

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The oldest horse 

Old Billy is the oldest registered horse. The horse was born in 1760 and bred by Edward Robinson of Woolston, Lancashire, UK. Old Billy passed away the 27th of November 1822 – 62 years old. There is not any breed registered. The oldest thoroughbred and racehorse was a 42 year old named Tango Duke. Born in 1935 and died the 25th of January 1978. The owner was Carmen J. Koper of Barongarook, Victoria, Australia. 

The tallest horse 

The breed shire is known to be the tallest in the world. Therefore, logically enough it is also from this breed we find the tallest horse ever registered. The horse was named Sampson later renamed Mammoth. Born in 1846 and in 1850 the gelding was measured to 2,19 cm. Later it was estimated that the horse as fully grown weighted approximately 1,524 kg – there by also making him the heaviest horse ever. It was bred by Thomas Cleaver of Toddington Mills, Bedfordshire, UK. 

Today the tallest horse measures 2.19 cm. The horse is called Big Jake and is nine years old. This time not a shire but instead a belgian horse. After Big Jake entered the Guinness World Record the farm, Smokey Hollow Farm, in Poynette, Wisconsin, USA experienced a massive interest from the outside world to come and see the horse in real life.  

Watch the video with the impressing belgian horse Big Jake. Video: Guinness World Rekord

The smallest horse 

When the tallest horse exists so does the smallest one. It measured 56,7 cm and lives in Polen. The horse is named Bombel and is owned by Katarzyna Zielińska. Bombel often visits the Children’s Hospital in Polen to bring joy and support to the patients.  

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The fastest horse 

The 14th of May 2008 the fastest horse ran a race in Penn National Race Course, Grantville, Pennsylvania, USA. The mare was a thoroughbred and was at the time two years old. She ran a little over 400 meters in 20,57 seconds and reached a speed of 70,76 km/h.  

The highest jump 

The 5th of February 1949 the horse Huaso ex-Faithful jumped a fence of 2,47 cm. It is the official record from FEI. The rider was Alberto Larraguibel Morales from Chile who rode the horse at Viña del Mar, Santiago in Chile. To beat the record a horse must jump clear at 2,49 cm. 

Watch the extremely high jump by Huaso ex-Faithful.

The oldest stable 

The Egyptian pharaoh Ramses the third was breeding horses for war and hunting somewhere between 1304 and 1237 before Christ. The stable was discovered in 1999 by a German-Egyptian archaeologist team led by the German Edgar Pusch. The stable is placed in the old city Piramesse in Nile Delta in Egypt. It is said to be one of the biggest with an overall area of 17.000 square meters.
It could contain about 460 horses at a time, and was built on a slope so that the horses’ urine could leave the stable and be used as fertilizer. Together with the building there was also discovered a pool for horses and a courtyard. Horses was very important to the Egyptian empire, because they had a huge influence on the expansion of the country. Therefore, it also involved a lot of geographic strategy when a new stable was built.  

This article was originally published in November 2020 and has since been revised and edited.

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