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Just like the OTTO-PERFORATED MAT – but without the ‘perforated’ part

mud paddock (1)
mud paddock (1)

The OTTO-IndoorMat is designed specifically for indoor surfaces and offers all the same features as the OTTO-PerforatedMat, such as skid-resistance, elasticity, temperature-resistance, durability, and easy installation. The only difference is that the OTTO-IndoorMat does not have drainage holes since watering is done manually in indoor arenas.

1. Concussion-absorption

The OTTO-IndoorMat is designed to handle the high force generated by equestrian sports, particularly showjumping. With a horse's average weight of 600 kg, up to 5 tons of force may be applied to the surface upon landing after a jump. To prevent injuries to the horse, the surface must be able to absorb a significant amount of this force. The OTTO-IndoorMat is able to do this, making it suitable for use in indoor equestrian arenas.

The OTTO-IndoorMat is constructed from recycled PVC which gives it elasticity and helps to absorb a significant amount of the force generated by equestrian sports. This reduces the impact on the horse's joints, tendons, and ligaments, making it easier on their legs.

2. Rebound

An ideal riding surface must not only absorb force but also return a portion of it elastically. This improves the horse's stability and performance. The OTTO-IndoorMat has been designed with this in mind and is specifically engineered to meet these requirements.

Due to the ideal density of the recycled PVC material used to produce the OTTO-IndoorMat, the Mat not only absorbs a large part of the force applied on it, but it also provides the horses’ legs with the optimal amount of rebound.

3. Skid-resistance

What if the horses accelerate, make sharp turns or stop abruptly? In these cases, the hooves need especially good grip and must not slip.

If the footing layer is applied on a flat base it will shift under the weight of the hooves. Even if the base is equipped with knobs which all have the same height, the horses will slip because, even in this case, the footing is not provided with sufficient grip and will shift, similar to an avalanche.

Thanks to a unique system of high and low knobs as well as high and low water cups on the topside of the OTTO-IndoorMat, the footing is provided with enough stability will not shift, even when the horses make very sharp turns.

4. Temperature resistance

Countless other types of separation layers need to be interlocked or installed edge to edge.

Since every type of plastic expands and shrinks according to temperature fluctuations, this may lead to ‘wave-shaped’ arenas, since the material does not have any space to expand.

Whether torrential rainfalls, lowest-degree winters or scorching head: The OTTO-IndoorMat maintains what it promises.

After all, millions of OTTO-IndoorMats have been installed worldwide in various types of climates – and they work perfectly.

Since the Mats are made of high-quality recycled PVC, weather conditions cannot cause any damage to the OTTO-IndoorMat.

During strong temperature changes, the OTTO-IndoorMats can expand and shrink without any trouble as they are installed with a small gap between each other.

5. Longevity

Since the OTTO-IndoorMat is produced using highest-quality material, it is extremely durable. After all, the Mats come with a guarantee of 20 years on functionality!

Even if the footing layer has to be replaced after many years, the entire base including the OTTO-IndoorMat can be left untouched. After merely replacing the top layer, the arena will be in perfect shape, just like on its first day.

6. Easy installation

Although the equestrian world is fully aware of the importance of high-quality riding arenas, the journey to get them intimidates many.

But relax! The OTTO-IndoorMat might be one of the most proven products in indoor riding arenas worldwide, but its installation is quite simple.

Since the OTTO-IndoorMats do not have to be interlocked or anchored but are only laid with a small gap, they can be installed quickly and easily.

A regular skill saw, jigsaw or chainsaw can be used to cut the Mats to size, for example on the arena border. (Please wear suitable protective clothing when cutting the Mats!).

We at OTTO Sport want to make sure that the installation of your arena is carried in a worry-free way without causing any unnecessary costs.

Whether it is do-it-yourself, supervision or turnkey solution: We will adapt to your individual circumstances and needs and will help you in fulfilling your dream of an own OTTO Sport surface.

We will be happy to provide you with a detailed installation manual when you purchase your OTTO-IndoorMats!


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