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Improved stable flooring improves horse welfare


Do you want to improve the environment for you and your horse, and at the same time make it easier to muck out and clean the stable? Then rubber flooring might be the right choice for you and your horse. At the same time, the rubber flooring can increase the welfare of the horse and reduce the consumption of bedding. Learn about the six benefits of using rubber flooring.

Affect the horse welfare

The elastic rubber floors for horses combine all the qualities that really matters; soft, slip-resistant and shock absorbing. They create a surface that reduces the strain on the horses’ tendons and joints, while at the same time providing a safe and comfortable footing. They are elastic and kind to the hooves of the horses.

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Maintain the surface

A Regupol equestrian floor is easy to install and even easier to clean; daily sweeping is quite sufficient, and thorough cleaning can be provided by using a pressure washer every now and then. In the boxes, you should lift the tiles up regularly and then use a pressure washer (no rotating nozzle) for cleaning.

A Regupol equestrian floor is easy to install and even easier to clean. Photo: REGUPOL

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The durability

The Regupol equiline products are extremely resilient and can withstand high loads for a long time. Many of our floors have been in use for decades, assuming appropriate use and maintenance. In high-stress areas, the floor can be changed partially. Moisture and sunlight, heat, and frost can hardly harm our material.

Use less bedding

One of the benefits of the Regupol permeable stable mats is that you, for instance, will need significantly less bedding to absorb urine. You can save up to three quarters of the usual amount. If your horse suffers from a respiratory condition, it is also possible to do without bedding altogether. Your horses will still be able to stand or lie down warm and comfortably around the clock – because Regupol box mats provide reliable insulation against the cold. Less bedding also means less dust and time spent mucking out! This does not only creates a much better climate in the stable, it gives you more time for your horses.

Better acoustics in the stable

There is no doubt that the elastic material of Regupol rubber floors dampen the noise of horses walking on it in comparison to hard floors such as concrete. The consultants of Regupol can give you further advice upon request. Nathalie zu Sayn-Wittgenstein in our video says: “The flooring absorbs noise, and it also gives off some warmth, so you’re not coming into a freezing cold stable made out of concrete. You feel a bit more at home when you enter the stable.”

Rubber flooring gives better acoustics in the stable. Photo: REGUPOL

Safe surroundings

Regupol provide flooring for a safe surrounding, and they offers elastic edging elements that provide protection for both horse and rider. The Regupol equiline border edging elements are made from elastic rubber, so when horses step on the arena edges, the impact is deadened by the elastic Regupol material. If riders do come down to earth with a bump, they can be sure our elastic material will give them the best possible protection.

Rubber flooring can be used in different areas of the stable and around the stable. Foto: REGUPOL

All Regupol rubber tiles and interlocking pavers can be used outdoors for paddocks, paths, open stables and so on.

The products are all weather resistant. In winter months, our floor performs like every other floor that is used outdoors. All Regupol equiline products are resistant to de-icing salt.

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