Mare, Gelding or Stallion – Which Is The Best Match For You?

The horse’s gender does not just tell you about the horse. It may also tell you a little about how its owner is. Some horse people love mares, even if they occasionally burst into heat and act like divas. Others are better off with a gelding, which often has “the same personality”, but which may also have forgotten that the time as a stallion is long over. And then there are those who are crazy about the self-confidence of the stallions.

We have gathered some information about the three genders. Well… In reality there are only two that differ from each other. After you have learned about the gender traits, we will tell you a bit about what your horse’s gender says about you… 

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The Mare Forms a Strong Bond 

A mare is said to want to bewilling to go through fire and water for its owner. Some even think that they develop a stronger bond with humans than their herds. Therefore, when you have won the heart of a mare, you have won her forever. She will always give you everything she has – and sometimes more. Some also say that because mares are created to care for their foals, they have a very special intuition and ability to feel empathy. They can almost read their owners thoughts.


If you have a mare standing in your stable, then you are either really good at arguing, or you are the exact opposite: You do not bother to discuss and would rather let your mare get her way. This causes fewer conflicts. In return, you – like your mare – are incredibly loyal, and maybe once in a while a little overprotective. You are also very patient and understands your mare´s “off-periods” better than anyone else. Often you hear the words “I do not ever want a mare!”. And sometimes you will remember those exact words. Funny enough, it is often the same people who say that – including you – that end up buying a mare. And it may be the best horse you have ever had. 

The Gelding is a Real Comrade 

Although the gelding is not really a “real” gender, he tends to forget that 10% of his manhood has been removed and the remains sewn together by a veterinarian when he was young. However, it also makes geldings 10% more responsive and – theoretically – more well-behaved.  

Either way, no matter what, a gelding is a real comrade that you rarely have to argue with. That also often makes him an incredibly quick and easy learner. If you ask a gelding to take a jump of 1.50 m, he does – even though he has never tried it before, and the jump is a complete an utter failure. Indeed geldings possesses a trust like no other gender – but also a bit of naivety. 


If you own a gelding, you are in all likelihood a calm person who will not endure too many discussions or major conflicts. You are honest, just like your gelding. You are probably a strong person in order to withstand the daily pranks that your four-legged friend tend to paly on you You may even be more patient than the mare owner. And that may have a lot to do with the way Mr. Nonchalant comes in from the paddock with a torn rug, one lost bell boot, a lost shoe and a broken halter hanging around his neck. Over time, it has made you exceptionally good at just taking a very, very deep breath. 

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The Stallion Gives 10% Extra 

What has been stripped of the gelding, the stallion possesses in the greatest way possible. He will always give you 10% extra. Both in a good and bad way. Stallions do not just play nonchalant – they are. They are dominant, superior, strong and exceptionally beautiful. It also means that a stallion can quickly run around corners with his owner, if he or she fails to speak the proper body language. However, it is not only about respect, but also about trust with the stallion. If you can educate a stallion, he can give you the best sporting experiences and make you feel like the majesty of the most beautiful, four-legged throne. 


As a stallion owner you must have a strong character. You can stand up for yourself, both verbally and psycically. Maybe your slightly hard jargon can be misunderstood or hurt people sometimes. It just means that yo are being honest. You say things straightforward and are never afraid of a challenge, regardless of its size. You too have patience, but because of your strong self, it is quickly replaced by an even greater amount of bravery. 

This article was originally published in October 2020 and has since been revised and edited.

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