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Interview with Equestrian Photographer Mabel Bohms

All Photos by Mabel Bohms

We interviewed Mabel Bohms - read more about her story and how she became an equestrian photographer. Enjoy also some of her work in this article.

All photos by Mabel Bohms

Where does your interest in photographing horses come from, and what inspires you?

I grew up with my Shetland pony Jessy. Three years ago, I started photographing my own horses using my father’s camera. Gradually this has become a hobby that got out of hand, so to speak.

I get a lot of Inspiration from Instagram. I really enjoy seeing how photographers develop their style. When I see a great concept passing by on Instagram, I always like to try something like that by myself. I love to photograph together with friends. Sometimes we capture the same moment. It looks like the same picture, but after editing you can see three totally different photos because of our own editing style. This gives me a better picture of things that I like to do differently next time or things that I am happy with. By looking at other photographs you learn to develop your own style that you fully support.

Mabel Bohms- doing what she loves - taking pictures.

Do you have any favorite pictures? And what makes them stand out to you?

My favorite pictures change regularly because I have so many great shoots at new locations and with new models. However, I do have certain photos that have value behind them. For example, I recently made two amazing photo trips to Poland and Sweden together with some other photographers. The stories behind these photos make them more valuable to me.

Photo by Mabel Bohms

What is it like to photograph animals? Are there any special experiences or situations you have been in?

The nice thing about photography is the diversity of locations, models, and exposure. When you work with animals every animal has his own character and as a photographer, I always consider it a challenge to bring out this character of the animal in a photo.

A highlight I am proud of is a picture of one of my own horses in the Dutch magazine “Zoomnl”. Besides animals, I am an all-round photographer so I have also done shooting the Première of Jim Bakkum’s theater tour, a well-known Dutch artist.

All photos by Mabel Bohms
All photos by Mabel Bohms

Any advice for amateur photographers out there?

In the past, I dreamed of meeting well-known photographers, traveling to other countries for a photo trip, or featuring in a magazine. These dreams have all come true much faster than I could have hoped for. Keep chasing your dreams and never give up! A quote that always floats through my head is this:

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“Follow your dreams, and do what makes you happy.”
If you keep this in mind you will get there!

All photos by Mabel Bohms
All photos by Mabel Bohms

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