Equestrian lifestyle: What has life with horses really taught us?

We all love the life with horses – right? There, is no doubt that horses have a positive meaning for us humans. They make us forget the problems of everyday life and make sure we focus on being present in the moment. Often, going to the stable after a long day of work is pure therapy for most horse people. In the company of the horse, you get your mind off any problems you might have. And we become wiser and more patient for it.

In many ancient cultures, it was understood that the horse was more than just an animal to serve in war, for transportation or work. The horse can teach us a lot of things about ourselves. To learn more about the interaction between horse and rider, the staff at Malgré Tout Media´s Danish site asked their readers in a Facebook post what life with horses has taught them.

Here are some of the thoughts that the readers shared with us:


To be patient

Life with horses has taught us to be patient. That we do not always achieve the perfect result every time. And that the road to the goal can be both long and with many detours. Nothing is seldom completely perfect while riding and therefore it requires that we accept our mistakes and forgive ourselves. Patience and humility in achieving one’s goals is very much something that provides us with great skills in other aspects of life.

There is horse-time and normal-time

The many hours in the stable or on the back of the horse have taught us that time is a relative concept. It is as if time passes faster when we are with the four-legged friends. In fact, the readers believe that one horse hour is the same as two normal hours – and horse time is, of course, the best time of day!

To be brave

According to a lot of the readers life with horses has enabled us to become brave. After all, only horse people dare to rely on a 1200 lb. animal to let it carry us around. In addition, life with horses has also taught us to have enough courage to trust our gut feeling and stick to it. Even if non horse people tell us otherwise.

Responsibility, order and thoroughness

Life with horses has taught us to take responsibility for others and always make sure the horse feeling well. Many readers even put the horse before themselves when it comes to getting new shoes or equipment!

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That they are an indispensable support through difficult periods

Many of our readers have had great help from a life with horses in overcoming illness, depression and anxiety. And it has given them the belief that they can overcome even the biggest challenges in life. As horse people, we have come to realize that we are capable of much more than we think.

To make the toughest choice in life

As horse people, we know that life can be difficult. Especially when it comes to making the tough decision to say goodbye. There lays a very special responsibility on our shoulders. We must be the spokesperson for our best friend and partner. There are not many other lifestyles / hobbies where the decision about life and death, is such an integrated part. And therefore, we have a great responsibility in relation to always making choices based on what is best for the horse. Even if it may mean that its life must come to an end. It requires strength, courage and humility.

So just remind yourself how many unique personal skills and strengths you get out of your life with horses.

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