Laura Krebs

Laura is a former editor and editor-in-chief at the Danish site

Editorial thoughts: Can I have a horse, Dad?

What better question? Can I have a horse, Dad? As a young girl, I grew up dreaming of having my own horse. I even remember how much I daydreamed about horses when...

Equestrian safety: Falling off without getting seriously injured

How many times have your tried falling off your horse? An old saying goes, that you are only a skilled rider when you have fallen off a horse 100 times. Every year...

New horse in the herd? How to integrate it

We all know horror stories when it comes to integrating a new horse into the herd. Many have been in a situation where they have let the new horse out to the...

Equestrian safety: Can you ride with a concussion?

What does it feel like to get a concussion? Do you feel headaches and nausea after hitting your head? Then you may have suffered a concussion. But how well wo you know...

6 bad habits: How to get rid of them in your dressage work

Do you have any bad habits? Perhaps you recognize the 6 we have mentioned in this article. Get good advice on how to get rid of them here.

Study: How does your weight affect your horse?

Article after article has been written about how much weight a horse can carry. Some consistently refer to the 20% rule, while others believe that the rider's weight may only amount to...

Muslim & Rider: 17-year-old Rim Al-Attar wants to break down prejudices

Meet Rim Al-Attar. A 17-year-old girl from Malmö in Sweden on a very special mission. Rim wants to break down the prejudices in equestrian sports. In addition to being a skilled rider,...

What kind of student are you? Remember to respect your trainer

Showing your trainer respect is important. There are so many articles to be found on how to be a good coach or trainer. But there are actually few on how to be...

Laura Krebs

Laura is a former editor and editor-in-chief at the Danish site

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