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New Media partnership between Schafhof Connects and Malgré Tout Media


Schafhof Connects and Malgré Tout Media initiated a new partnership to generate more potential for both parties. 

Malgré Tout Media is the place to find inspiration, professional knowledge, as well as tips & advice, and entertainment for any horse lover. No matter what kind of horse person you are, our mission is to offer you the quality content you do not have to pay for.  

Schafhof Connects is an organizer of four major international equestrian events per year, from the Schafhof Dressage Festival and the FEI European Championship for Juniors and Children to the International Festhallen Turnier in Frankfurt in December.


We as Schafhof Connects always try to keep an eye on something new. Innovative approaches and further developments are just as important to us as the traditional values we stand for at schafhof.

Our events provide the perfect setting to think more modern, sustainable, and innovative also in the field of media partnerships. We are pleased to have Malgré Tout as a partner who also strives to do this and bring new thinking to our industry.

Jessica Stommel from Schafhof

The Dressage Festival in Kronberg, July 12-15, 2023, will feature qualifiers for the Bundeschampionat, starting with L-level dressage and moving up to Grand Prix classes. Visitors can thus enjoy a 4* event of dressage riders as well as talented young horses. In addition, this event offers a large children's land with many activities and events like.

Buy tickets for the event here.   

From July 19-23, 2023, Schafhof continues with the FEI European Championship for Juniors and Children. Schafhof is hosting the 4th European Championship for talented young riders this year. The best U14 and U18 riders in Europe will compete in Kronberg this summer. The exhibition will continue during the second event. The entrance for this event is free.  

New Media partnership between Schafhof Connects and Malgré Tout Media
Isabell Werth und Bella Rose - Photo: Schafhof Connects

Since we at Malgré Tout have expanded the media to four languages, including German this January, there is no question that the partnership with Schafhof connects will help reach our German readers even more.   


All visitors at this year’s Dressage Festival, European Junior Championship and Festhallen Championship will be able to enjoy the free quality magazine firsthand.  

“Media partnerships with equestrian events are a great way for Malgré Tout to be exposed to the public and gain readers. Schafhof connects really knows how to create top sport events, attracting the best riders in the world and many equestrian enthusiasts. We are very excited to be part of this year’s events.”

Natasja Stienstra from Malgré Tout

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