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Do you want a job with horses? Here's some of your options

We believe that most people who love horses have, at one point or another, thought: “How can I work with my passion?” It is not always easy to turn your passion into a job so that you can earn money. However, we have made an overview of some of the options that you have if you want to work with your passion for horses. 

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15 different jobs with horses

I this article we will mention 15 different jobs with horses, which is obviously just some of the options. We will only explain the jobs very briefly and therefore, we recommend that you do a more thorough research if you find any of the files interesting. The different jobs requires very different qualifications and interest. Therefore, you have to do some research to check whether the certain job will match you and your skillset or not.


If you are interested in medicine and enjoy helping sick and injured horses, then this position might be the best pick for you. The job is versatile and holds a lot of responsibilities, and you really do not know what is going to happen the next day. As a veterinarian specializing in horses, you provide medical care, perform diagnostic tests, and prescribe treatments to keep horses healthy and happy. Equine veterinarians may also be involved in research related to their field.



This job opportunity lies within the same field as the one above - but with the difference of only taking care of the horses’ oral health. As a horse dentist you also get to spend every day with horses, and you have to make sure their teeth remain healthy.

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Being a groom entails several things, and you get plenty of time with the horses when you have to take care of them, for example, prepare them for the rider. This job position can also require your presence at different events and competitions, so you will likely become a part of the exciting equine environment.

Riding master

If horses and horseback riding are your real passions, then you might want to consider becoming a riding master. As a riding master, you will spend most of your time on the back of a horse, training or retraining it. You will probably work at a farm or at a riding school, and have many horses around you every day.



If you have a natural talent for learning and have accumulated a lot of experience in riding and equine life, a job as a teacher or a riding instructor might be what you should be looking out for. If you decide to go for a riding instructor, you can either do it at a riding school or offer private lessons to riders yourself. If you offer private lessons, you can choose to focus for example on Icelandic horses, jumping or dressage riders at different levels.

Horse manager

This position oversees the proper care of horses, supervises employees, and maintains buildings and grounds. They may work in many facets of the equine industry. As a horse manager, you will be responsible for much of the daily care and handling of the horses, for example at a riding school. There may also be some training of the horses involved and other practical tasks that must be completed at a riding school.

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If you have a special interest in feed, then being an agronomist may work out really well for you. You will take a very close look at the feed, and there are many different ways in which you can work in this field.

Working with horse equipment

If you don't necessarily dream of having to work with horses directly everyday, then you might look for jobs that specialize in equine equipment. There are many different types of these. If you for instance work with selling horse equipment, your days will be spent helping and advising riders so that they can get the most optimal equipment for their needs.

Saddle maker

As a saddle maker, you get to make the saddles. In addition, many saddle makers are happy to go out and help riders find the perfect saddle and make sure it fits both the horse and the rider. The job will therefore consist both of work out in the stables, but also plenty of things to do around the production of the saddles.


Equine therapist

There are also many opportunities to work with and educate yourself as a therapist in the equestrian world. You can, as an example, work with craniosacral therapy or horse massages. If so, you often work with the horses and their owners in order to give the best treatment that meets the horse's needs.


As a blacksmith, you come around to a lot of horse owners during the day and make sure that they all get nice and healthy hooves. This job requires a lot of physical work, so you have to be ready for that.

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Horse rescues

Do you dream of working with horses but at the same time being able to make life better for some of them? Then a job at a horse rescue center might be the right pick for you. By working such a job, you get the opportunity to change the lives of horses that are coming to the rescue center. Some of them could have had really though and unfair lives, so it can be a really difficult job to have. Of course, such centers require a lot of personnel, so perhaps there is an area or department that will suit you and your skills well.

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By being a guide on horseback, you usually take tourists out on horseback in nature. This way, you have a job with horses, you spend most of your time in nature and you make people happy because of the great experience you provide.

Horse photographer

If you love taking photos and love being around horses, then a job as a horse photographer might be right for you. In this field, you have the opportunity to specialize in a specific area - whether it is riding photos, portraits of the horses or equine photos in nature. 

Horses and media

The last job with horses that we will mention here is the combination of horses and media. This combination provides a lot of amazing opportunities. This combination is exactly what we have here at Malgré Tout Media. If you are interested in working with us, keep an eye on our social media platforms, where we regularly post job position openings.


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