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Ditte Young: The Horse is a sanctuary, more than ever before

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Never before have we had so much time to be with our horses as now, and we also prioritize being together and connecting with them, more than anything else. Because with them we become happy. It's as simple as that. The funny thing is that in the second it gets quiet, and we get calm, then we humans tend to replace it with something else that makes us get busy again.

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About Ditte Young

Ditte Young is an author, lecturer, therapist, and telepath. She has been working in communication with animals since the year 2000. She is a trained clairvoyant, body and organic psychotherapist, craniosacral therapist, and healer. 

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The special sanctuary

For many, spending time with their horse is like a small sanctuary. A timeout from a busy everyday life. For many, it has meant that the horse has been everything you had to look forward to in difficult times. Some have still felt a sanctuary with their horse, away from the days of school, the workplace, the partner, or the children. The horse is and will always be our sanctuary no matter what our everyday life looks like. There have been times for reflection and times to think about what makes sense to us and in particular also what no longer serves a purpose in our lives.

More time for contemplation

You may have found that your intuition has improved a lot, and your connection, your contact, and your company with your horse have become much stronger within the last year because you've been listening. You've been ready.


In the past, many riders sought out experts for good advice. Here a year later, most people know better what to do. It may still require some expert help, a veterinarian, or a therapist, but maybe the search has narrowed. The riders out there have become more selective and focused on what they want and do not want with their horses.

In the past, there was a growing tendency for ordinary riders to constantly look up to talented riders such as the elite. Now I experience that they are not as interested to the same degree anymore, in stead they would much rather want to excel "in their own backyard" with their own horses. It has become time for geekiness, knowledge, and being in the moment in a completely different way.

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Our priorities have changed

After COVID when the world was slowly opening up, priorities have changed for many. I'm talking about the fact that we're all given the opportunity to look at what we spend our time on and what we would actually like to spend our time on.

Everyone has become more selective and would rather be able to solve their problems and challenges on their own, than have someone else do it all the time. Therefore, more people are looking for inspiration for their own journey. It is taking responsibility to a much greater degree for a situation that will benefit everyone in the long run.

The horse lends us the wings we don't have

I even know the feeling of wanting to escape from my own life sometimes. When it all overpowers me and for a brief moment I lose myself. Right there in that second, I do not feel at home in myself.

I know it is because I have given too much and the balance between giving and being filled is not there. I know many riders can recognize this. It's so hard to say no. It can seem so dangerous and yet you end up losing every time you don't get to say stop in time.

It is easy to get on the horse and fly away. Away from the world. Away from reality for a while and be in a dream. A here and now where two hearts almost beat together in time and there is only the sound of the breath and the rustle of the wind and the hooves trampling in the ground.

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Photo: Kaja Wennich Photography

The horses are dependent on us and we are on them

The horses depend on us humans to take care of them, feed them, and train them mentally and physically so that they too are challenged. But we are just as dependent on them.

Many horse owners' worst nightmare is the thought of losing their beloved four-legged friend. For those I know who have lost their horse, a void arises so large that it is indescribable. Some even sink into a depression. Not only have they lost their best friend, but they have also lost a part of themselves, their identity, their soul, and their zest for life.

The void after a loss

To me, it is when one connects so much with another soul, even if it has four legs, that a feeling arises where one surrenders completely and utterly to another.

Everything that we humans do not dare to feel for other humans for one reason or another, you dare to do with your horse.

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You can say that "you put your life in the hands" of your horse with all that it entails.

It takes a huge amount of confidence to get up on the back of a horse, which could be dangerous if you have not familiarized yourself well with its temperament and personality profile. It requires you to open your heart in order for the horse to open its heart to you. It is a love that many are looking for all their lives, but do not dare to practice in everyday life among other people.


This is also why I am convinced that for many it is easier to be with horses than with other people. And why we are dependent on the horses.

They are lifesavers in so many ways because with them we can only be present in the moment. With them we lower our guards and defense mechanisms in everyday life, and with them, we are just loved.

There's you and me somewhere

Therefore, I have no doubt that the last year and a half has given most people the opportunity to get more in touch with who they are, and what values they have, and I am also sure that there is no going back again after this.

Once you have felt pure love and the peace that time has given us all individually and also with our horses, then this cannot be dispensed with again.

It would be the same as making a very big compromise inside yourself, and that you can only do for so long. Remember, there will always be you and your horse out there somewhere when you choose it.

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