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Bucket List: Everything a Horse Enthusiast Should Try at Least Once

Horses riding on the beach
A clear bucket list item: riding on the beach. Photo: Canva Pro

There are plenty of exciting and fun activities for horse enthusiasts. Here, we've gathered 24 experiences that should be on every horse lover's bucket list. From riding bareback to owning your own horse. What horse-related things have you always wanted to do? And how many have you already experienced?

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Naturally, no two riders or teams are alike. We are all at different stages and want vastly different things from our riding. Some riders want to participate in many exciting competitions, while others prefer to go on many cozy rides. Therefore, it makes the most sense to write a list of goals or wishes you have for your own riding. However, we have still come up with 24 things that could be on your bucket list.


Kissing your horse on the muzzle is truly special. Photo: Canva Pro
  • Own a horse
  • Jump with your horse
  • Give a child their first horse ride
  • Watch a big horse show
  • Go on a riding holiday, perhaps to Spain
Riding at full gallop is something all riders should try. Photo: Canva Pro
  • Gallop in a stubble field
  • Ride without a saddle
  • Bathe with your horse
  • Ride in the snow
  • Teach your horse a fun trick, such as bowing
  • Ride on a beach
Bringing your first rosette home is a very special feeling. Photo: Canva Pro
  • Find your best friend
  • Be involved in training a young foal
  • Dress up with your horse for Halloween or Christmas
  • Attend a clinic with a top rider
  • Have some beautiful photos taken of your horse (perhaps with you in them)
  • Win a rosette at a competition
Foal nursing
When you get the chance to see a foal nurse, you must take it! It is one of the loveliest things. Photo: Canva Pro
  • Watch a foal being born
  • See a foal nurse
  • Help with the training of a young horse
  • Ride at sunrise and sunset
  • Try a different discipline, such as polo or riding an Icelandic horse
  • Have pictures taken with your horse on big days – for example, at a confirmation or wedding
  • Try Mounted Games

How many of these items can you already check off? And which items MUST you experience at some point in your life?

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