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Comparison: Which bedding Is best and how to choose?

Choose between products of bedding to your horse can be a challenge. We have tested different examples and give you our recommendations.

3 tips: How to avoid having your horse eat while wearing the bit

Horses often out their head in the ground to eat grass while wearing a bridle and a bit - not that preferable. 3 tips prevent this bad habit.

Behavior: Why do we worry so much about our horses?

We all know it: We worry about our horses – a lot. The kind of worries where the well-being of the horse takes up all of your time. If the horse does...

10 reasons why equestrian sport is the world´s best hobby and lifestyle

Equestrian sport – both a hobby and a lifestyle. Can you imagine a life without horses? No, right? The smile on your face when you are in the stable says it all....

10 tips: How to work with and train your youngster and be succesful

If you are lucky enough to be the owner of a youngster, there is a lot of training that you have to go through together. Of course, everything depends on how much...

“Every step Hudini and I take together is a victory”

Emma and the Norwegian Fjord horse Hudini have been together for seven years. Every time they show up at competitions, seeing them together impresses the audience. And with good reason. Hudini has...

Study: Your horse knows you better than you think

Have you also experienced that your horse knows the dressage program almost by heart? It knows when to turn, when to stand still or at which letter in the arena it is time to start cantering. Horses are actually quite good at...

Riding accident without safety vest: “It is a miracle I am still here”

Karin Rosenberg Engelbrecht is a in a bit of a hurry. Not remotely thinking about any kind of riding accident. She wants to do a quick training pass with the newly arrived...

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