German show jumping and dressage Derby 2023 in Hamburg

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Best weather, even better atmosphere, world-class conditions, top sport, record attendance and the second youngest Derby winner ever. At the 92nd German Jumping Derby in Hamburg Klein Flottbeck everything was on offer that makes equestrian fans happy. Around half of the world’s top 50 riders competed in the Derby Park and presented outstanding sport. 

In the world’s most difficult course, two 21-year-olds achieved clear rounds: Marvin Jüngel from Saxony (Kamenz) with the 14-year-old Oldenburger mare Balou’s Erbin and the Danish rider Caroline Rehoff Pedersen with the 12-year-old Holstein horse Calvin. After a thrilling jump-off, Jüngel rode home the biggest triumph of his career so far and was celebrated frenetically by the electrified Hamburg audience – as the second youngest Derby winner in history after Alwin Schockemöhle in 1969. “I really don’t have the words,” said Marvin Jüngel, who runs his own riding school in Kamenz, Saxony. “You really can’t catch your breath in that course.” Second place went to Caroline Rehoff Pedersen. It was the Danish rider’s first time in Hamburg, and she was just 1.2 seconds slower than Jüngel: “Calvin is incredibly brave, has a huge canter and I had the feeling that he was comfortable here and would do well.” 

Hamburg Derby on the opening day on Thursday. Photo: Malgré Tout

In the 5-star course in the Grand Prix of Hamburg, Gerrit Nieberg (29) came out on top with his successful horse, the twelve-year-old Ben. The two qualified for the jump-off together with ten other pairs. In the end, they came out first with a close second lead over Olympic winner Ben Maher (40) and the ten-year-old Dallas Vegas Batilly from Great Britain. 

The finalists qualified for the Hamburg Dressage Derby from a small starting field of nine pairs. The special thing here is the change of horses. First, one’s own horse is presented and then, after eight minutes of preparation time, the competitor’s horse is shown in the arena. 37-year-old Andrea Timpe decided this special task in her favour, second place went to the Norwegian Mathilde Merethe Klaesson ahead of Felix Kneese (GER). 

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