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No more horse-drawn carriages in popular holiday destination

Horse-drawn carriages will soon come to an end in Palma, Mallorca, as the authorities on the popular island have made a decision that the horse-drawn carriages must go away from 2024. This comes after several animal welfare organizations have campaigned for this – which they continue to do in many other countries.

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Animal welfare organizations rejoice

Obviously, this is a decision that many animal welfare organizations are very happy with, as it is one of the things that many of the organizations are fighting for. Among other, the organization PETA shows great joy about the decision, and the Danish branch of the organization Anima, for example, wrote the following on their Facebook:

"After pressure from activists on the popular holiday island of Mallorca, the authorities have now finally agreed to a ban on horse-drawn carriages! It is very popular on the island among tourists, which has led to great suffering for the animals. In recent years, much criticism has been leveled at the horse-drawn carriages, and now we are finally seeing some positive results for the horses. From 2024, tourists will be able to use electric vehicles instead of horses to go around the city. We hope this will lead to a domino effect, and that more and more countries will subsequently follow Mallorca's animal-friendly example".

There are already several popular tourist towns that have already banned horse-drawn carriages in the streets, and the organizations hope that more and more cities will join this move.

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Horse-drawn carriages in Mallorca will soon be phased out, and be replaced by electric vehicles for the tourists. Photo: Canva Pro

The horses are being pressured

Especially during the hot summer months, videos of horses collapsing from exhaustion while driving have surfaced. According to PETA, this has also happened recently in Palma on Mallorca. And this is exactly why the animal welfare organizations are fighting so hard to stop these horse-drawn carriages in these popular holiday towns. The horse-drawn carriages are often used a lot by tourists when they go around the cities. Most of the time, the horses are being pressured to pull the carriages - sometimes so much that they can't go any more and, therefore, collapse in the middle of the street. But that will now come to an end in Mallorca.


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