Horses in the summer – it is the best time of the year and just so much fun!

It is just fun to have a horse in the summer, don't you think? So let us take a...

10 reasons why equestrian sport is the world´s best hobby and lifestyle

Equestrian sport – both a hobby and a lifestyle. Can you imagine a life without horses? No, right? The...

Editorial thoughts: When do you actually start riding your horse?

When do you actually start riding your horse? That question was asked by this member of the editorial staff...

What To Do? When a Foal Loses Its Mother

Spring means that small, beautiful foals are born all around the country. Fortunately, in most cases the foal is...

Riders in the stable – which type are you?

As riders, we are not only different when sitting in the saddle. Also in the stable we can come...

How Much Can it Cost to Keep a Horse?

Find out how much horse owners around the world pay for having a hores. We can tell you this much - it varies a lot.


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