You Recognize This If You Are a Tiny Rider. Remember – You Are Not Alone!

When you work with horse it is an obvious advantage to be tall. For those of us who are naturally less than about 1,70 cm it can be a challenge to perform all the daily tasks with the horse and in the stable. If you do not know about this battle you are one of the lucky ones. If you, on the other hand, struggle to put a saddle on the horse, brush it behind the ears or reach the upper shelf in the cupboard then continue reading. This article is dedicated to you.  

1. Brushing, washing, braid or trimming is hard work 

You bring in the horse from the field and is terrified to discover that it has rolled in a huge pile of dirt. Already, you know you have to find the mounting block to reach the horse properly. Even you brush the best you know you do not end up with a completely clean horse. It is impossible but it is also kind of embarrassing to ask for help cleaning your own horse. The result is that you seldomly have the tidiest horse. As a small rider this is an obvious problem and we have not even talked about how difficult it is to braid your horse’s mane. How much cramp can you actually get? If you could decide, it should not be necessary for a braided mane ever – even at competitions.  

2. To saddle up is… exciting… (not) 

“Damn you horse, stand still! I cannot reach!” When approximately almost any horse is taller than you, then saddling up is a project. On the other hand, you have achieved well-proportioned muscles in your arms because you are forced to hold about 10 kilos of a saddle straight out in the air several times a day. And not to forget, the challenge with the bridle. Your horse knows you very well, and put the head up in the air when you come near. The you stand there with all your talents jumping up and down next to its head. 

3. Investigating the jumps at competitions feels like a marathon 

– Which is probably because your legs are very short. To follow you coach around the track is exhausting – of course he or she has extremely long legs. Several times you have to shout: “Wait for me”. 

4. You are everybody’s go-to-person when there is a naughty pony 

Why me? You are so sick and tired of being the person that people reach out to if the small, fat and naughty pony needs some firm education. Perhaps you feel a bit discriminated because of you hight? 

5. You worry if your saddle ends up on the top shelf 

The struggle is real! You feel nervous just thinking about it. All the lower shelves are occupied by children, so you have to use an upper one. Even it is hard to put the saddle on this top shelf you still do not wish to switch. It is kind of being put at the children’s table at a birthday party. No thanks, then you prefer to suffer in silence! 

6. You are not alone! 

Comfort yourself with the fact that you are not alone. There are several people right where you are. A good and solid mounting block is worth a million plus lots of patience. 

Enjoy your next ride! 

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