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The optimal protection against bad falls

Inspired by the protective vests designed for motorcycling or skiing, the airbag vest activates mechanically and ultra-rapidly upon impact to protect the vital parts of your body, including the abdomen, rib cage, neck, back and more specifically the spine.

Protection for the daily life of riders

The airbag vest comes with a CO2 gas cartridge, an armament key, its connecting strap and its connecting cable. The latter, which is attached to the blades of your saddle, provides the connection between your airbag and your saddle thanks to the connection strap which is directly connected to the gas cartridge. In the event of a fall, the gas cartridge is disconnected from the vest: it is this mechanism that initiates the inflation of the airbag chamber in a few milliseconds. All you have to do is insert a new cartridge in the blink of an eye.

Practical, light and comfortable

Elegant and streamlined, the airbag vest is designed to meet the needs of riders. Made from stretch fabrics, it is light (less than 600g) and comfortable, and is forgotten once in the saddle. The mesh cutouts provide better ventilation and give it a technical look appreciated by athletes.

Adaptability in all circumstances

With its slim fit, the airbag vest adapts to your riding clothes. In competition it is discreet under compatible jackets. For example, the airbag vest can be worn under or over the Cavalleria Toscana Revolution competition jackets. At home it can be worn over your favourite down jacket in winter or over a t-shirt in mid-summer.

Compatible with SAFERIDE

The airbag vest can be combined with the SAFERIDE option offered on the Seaver application. Activating this on your phone will alert your family and friends in the event of a fall and allow them to geolocate to your rescue.

A one-year subscription to SAFERIDE is offered with every order for the airbag vest. Together with the airbag vest you will receive an activation code that you can enter directly on the Seaver mobile application.

Best safety certification in Europe

SAFEFIT is certified by the ALIENOR CERTIFICATION laboratory in accordance with the European Regulation, the only regulatory framework in force from 21 April 2023 (EU2016/425). This is the best safety certificate currently available in Europe!

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