6 bad habits: How to get rid of them in your dressage work

Do you have any bad habits? Perhaps you recognize the 6 we have mentioned in this article. Get good advice on how to get rid of them here.

Digby and Nathalie: Remembering an amazing royal and Olympic team

The royal team Digby and Nathalie said their final goodbye to each other last fall. Olympic star Digby (the...

Top rider Anna Blomgren-Rogers: It motivates me to motivate the horse

Swedish Grand Prix rider Anna Blomgren-Rogers sees motivation and confidence as the two most important cornerstones of the success...

Dressage training: 5 prerequisites for making a good transition

The good transition is probably one of the most difficult exercises in the art of dressage. Regardless of the...

Flatwork: The idea behind inside leg to outside rein

"Inside leg to outside rein!" It's a bit like putting on an old, scratched gramophone record and hearing it...

Good sportsmanship: How to behave well mannered at competitions

Pay attention to each other. It goes without saying that it can get crowded during warm-up at competitions. That...

How to ride a Dressage test -Top tips

As we are hopefully getting closer to being able to compete again, now is a really good time to...

The ABC of Cathrine Dufour: 9 tips for you and your horse

It is no secret that Cathrine Dufour, the world's 6th best dressage rider, goes against the flow. Cathrine has always been active on...

Test Riding: What the Judges Are Looking For

Do you know how to improve your performance? In this article you will have great advice from the experienced dressage judge Isobel Wessels.

Isabell Werth: Not All Success is Measured in Medals

Queen of dressage. Germany's best. Europe's best. World’s best. For just over 30 years, Isabell Werth has won a...

Kyra Kyrklund: 20 Doctrines From the Dressage Queen

Learn from one of the best riders in the world. Kyra Kyrklund gives you 20 doctrines you can bring along in your daily dressage-work.

Dujardin: How To Change the Trot From Awful To Awesome

Are you struggling with the trot. Do not worry! Charlotte Dujardin explains in this article how to achieve an awesome trot.

The Maverick: Andreas Helgstrand

It is no secret that former Olympic medallist, Andreas Helgstrand is a man of ambition. From being Denmark's best dressage rider...

Meet us at Danish Warmblood Stallion Show 5th – 8th March 2020

We invite you all to meet us at the Danish Warmblood Stallion Show from the 5th to the 8th...


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