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Teacher and rider: Why you should never compare yourself to others

To compete is for many of us to compare ourselves to others. It can be inspiring to see how...

The editorial test: Underwear on horseback – which do you prefer?

Panties, hipsters, boxer shorts, G-string, cotton panties and granny panties. There is a myriad of different types of panties...

Good sportsmanship: How to behave well mannered at competitions

Pay attention to each other. It goes without saying that it can get crowded during warm-up at competitions. That...

Test Riding: What the Judges Are Looking For

Do you know how to improve your performance? In this article you will have great advice from the experienced dressage judge Isobel Wessels.

A Hackamore Might Gossip About Your Riding Skills

Have you ever ridden with a hackamore? It requires a advanced rider but if you get the hang if it, you will have a satisfied horse.

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