9 signs to look out for: When is your horse getting old?

Do you know when your horse is old? Or getting older? It is often said that a horse can...

Riding accident without safety vest: “It is a miracle I am still here”

Karin Rosenberg Engelbrecht is a in a bit of a hurry. Not remotely thinking about any kind of riding...

When the mare rejects her offspring: How to help the foal

Fortunately, it is rare. But sometimes it happens that a mare does reject her newborn foal. In these cases,...

The anatomy of road apples: How to check if the horse is healthy

The way your horse lives can have a big impact on your horse´s stool – or road apples. The...

Field time: How many kilometers do horses walk every day?

Have you ever wondered how much your horse actually moves when he´s turned out? Then look no further. A...

Step by step: How to ensure a good foaling

Many months have passed and now it's time! Soon a new foal will be born, but what do you...

What To Do? When a Foal Loses Its Mother

Spring means that small, beautiful foals are born all around the country. Fortunately, in most cases the foal is...

Surface in the Arena: How Important It Is For Your Horse?

Do you know how important the surface in the arena is when it comes to health of your horse?...

Do You Pick Up the Poo? Why It Is so Important To Remember

You have probably heard this sentence many times: "Remember to scoop up the poo after your horse!" And with...

STUDY: How Does Your Weight Affect Your Horse?

Article after article have been written about how much weight a horse can carry. Some consistently refer to the...

How Horses Helped a Traumatised Veteran to Rebuild His Life

Read and watch the amazing story about Harry. Harry is a previous veteran, and survived his PTSD with the great help from horses.

Veterinarian: Three Things that Create Strong and Durable Horses

Do you know the three very important things that makes your horse durable? Read this article, and you know what to do at the next training.

How much does the rider size matter to the horse?

The rider size probably matters much more than previous expected. A research team has tested different riders in different sizes on horses.

Is Your Mounting Block the Correct Hight?

Find out in this article whether your mounting block is the correct hight? Centauer Biomechanics place awareness to the overlooked problem.

Why Your Horse Benefits from Field-time

The more hours your horse gets to spend outside, the less risk of an injury. It is one of...

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