STUDY: Are You Too Heavy for Your Horse?

Article after article have been written about how much a horse can carry. Some consistently refer to the 20% rule, while others believe that the rider's weight may only...

4 Reasons Why Letting Your Child Ride Horses

To all parents out there: Let your children grow up to be horse girls- and boys. Let them learn from an early age that dirty fingernails are healthy. Teach...

Why Your Horse Benefits from Field-time

The more hours your horse gets to spend outside, the less risk of an injury. It is one of my mantras both as a veterinarian, but also as a...

Veterinarian: Three Things Creating a Strong and Durable Horse

The horse was born to live out in the open. Therefore, it is built in a way that makes it an amazing athlete. But to get a durable athlete,...

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Part 1: Horses in the World – First as Horsepower Today a Popular Sport

Worldwide there is about 70 million horses, and we are going to research some of them. This is why we in a series of articles...

Bills Bills Bills – That’s Life When You Are A Ponydad

I should have guessed it was an expensive sport my daughter had chosen as soon as I entered the classroom the first day in...


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