Are Your Horse Eating While Wearing the Bit? – Three Tips To Avoid It

Horses often out their head in the ground to eat grass while wearing a bridle and a bit - not that preferable. 3 tips prevent this bad habit.

How Much Can it Cost to Keep a Horse?

Find out how much horse owners around the world pay for having a hores. We can tell you this much - it varies a lot.

Comparison: Which Bedding Is Best?

Choose between products of bedding to your horse can be a challenge. We have tested different examples and give you our recommendations.

Is Your Mounting Block the Correct Hight?

Find out in this article whether your mounting block is the correct hight? Centauer Biomechanics place awareness to the overlooked problem.

5 Tips on Training an Old Horse

Do you know all the signs of an old horse. We give you some of them plus you can find out how old your horse is in human years.

3 Serious Reasons Your Horse Pees During Training

Do your horse pees a lot or seems troubled when having to pee specially during a riding lesson? It might be an indications of disorders.

Surface in the Arena: This is How Important It Is For Your Horse

It might seem strange that the surface has such a huge impact on the health of your horse. Nevertheless, this is...

Clipping the horse gives it more energy? This is why

You have probably realised it too: It has become autumn and the horse’s coat is becoming quite long. Therefore, you...

When is Your Horse Actually Old?

It is often said that a horse can live until it is somewhere between 20 and 35 years old....

STUDY: Are You Too Heavy for Your Horse?

Article after article have been written about how much a horse can carry. Some consistently refer to the 20%...

4 Reasons Why Letting Your Child Ride Horses

To all parents out there: Let your children grow up to be horse girls- and boys. Let them learn...

Why Your Horse Benefits from Field-time

The more hours your horse gets to spend outside, the less risk of an injury. It is one of...

Veterinarian: Three Things Creating a Strong and Durable Horse

The horse was born to live out in the open. Therefore, it is built in a way that makes...

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