5 Facts About Foals – Do You Already Know Them all Or?

Do you also love foals? So do we, and therefore we give you an article with five facts you might not know about foals.

Three Tips From An Expert: This Is How You Should (not) Pat Your Horse

“You are such a good boy”. This is common sentence we often say to our horse when it is doing a...

Science Confirms: Frequent Change of Riders Can Lead to Frustrating Horses

Science indicates that horses ridden by several different riders show frustration by a limited reaction towards signals from the rider.

Why Your Horse Knows You Much Better Than You Think

Do you also experience that your horse knows the dressage program almost by hart? It knows when to turn, when to stand still or at which letter...

Loading Horses – Just as Hard as a Dressage Lesson

You have probably met some horses in your rider-career that did not like being loaded in a trailer. At different...

Clipping the horse gives it more energy? This is why

You have probably realised it too: It has become autumn and the horse’s coat is becoming quite long. Therefore, you...

Why It Is so Important that You Pick Up the Poo

You have probably heard the familiar smear: Remember to scoop the poo after your horse! And with great discipline...

How to ride a Dressage test -Top tips

Olivia Towers gets some top tips from FEI Dressage judge Isobel Wessels on the mistakes that could be costing...

When is Your Horse Actually Old?

It is often said that a horse can live until it is somewhere between 20 and 35 years old....

STUDY: Are You Too Heavy for Your Horse?

Article after article have been written about how much a horse can carry. Some consistently refer to the 20%...

Scientists Say: Horses Can Sense Your Emotions

Research shows that horses are able to differentiate between happy and angry human facial expressions. In an experiment using...

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