Riders in the stable – which type are you?

As riders, we are not only different when sitting in the saddle. Also in the stable we can come across a number of different personalities, each with their own unique way of doing things. Here you will find 10 types of riders we believe are to be found in every stable all over the world. Do you recognize any of them?

1. The Stable Perfectionist 

All equipment is wiped off after use, and the four-legged bestie is always well groomed before saddling. The perfectionist has one overriding motto: “Live every day as if you were going to a dressage event”.  That is why she also likes to spend a lot of money on tack and shiny things. The stall always has an everlasting scent of fresh wood and the horse smells like soap or the newest products on the market, when she is around. The benefit of having a perfectionist in your stable is that you can always borrow shampoo or a little shine spray if you run out.  

2. The Handywoman/man  

“I will fix it!” – are the words most commonly heard from the stable’s handywoman. Is a snap hook broken or a letter dropped from the barrier, she is the first one to do something about it. For the handywoman, functionality ranks higher than anything else, and the horse does not exactly have matching equipment. On the other hand, the horse is only wearing equipment named “best in test” from ear to tail.  The handywoman/man does not hesitate to gather information from other horse owners on their experiences with feed, bedding and equipment. If you need some good advice, they are easy to get, when the handywoman is in the stable. 

3. The Easily Distracted 

On the move, she forgets to hang the bridle back in place, because she got a text reminding her to buy butter and milk on her way home. The easily distracted rider, is the one who tries to pick up the phone while holding the horse in one hand and the saddle in the other. From time to time, she has to be reminded as to which side to pass her fellow riders in the arena or to sweep the stable floors before going home. But she is also the one who can make everyone smile at something she did or said. With her small mishabs and sudden impulses she plays an invaluable role in the social environment in the stable – without even knowing it.  

4. The Maternal Rider 

She is not stingy with the compliments and often praises both you and your horse. At the same time, she is not afraid to ask about the parts of your life that does not smell like horse. Quite frankly, she is interested in whether you have had a good ride or not and can immediately tell something is wrong. For the caring and well-being of others is fundamental for the maternal rider, often more important than riding even! 

Caring for and the well-being of others is fundamental for the maternal rider.

5. The Shabby One 

Grooming is reserved exclusively for the areas of the horse where the equipment should be placed. “To muck out” is synonymous with removing only the most necessary. And you do not remember when you last saw her wipe her layer-by-layer-muddy – but probably pretty – leather boots off. Although she can be a mess, the best thing about the stable’s shabby rider is that she never reprimands you, should you forget to sweep or clean up after yourself.  

6. The Stable’s Right Hand 

Most people in the stable are sweet enough to help you once in a while, but ‘the right hand’ is a true hero. She passes the stable several times a day and immediately steps in if you – or one of the others – should fall short of something. It may leave you with a bit of a bad conscience that she never needs help herself, but do not worry she does not mind. According to her, reciprocity is not about one service being worth the other, but about the joy of having double-helped again.  

7. The Doubter  

Sometimes you may be unsure whether the saddle is placed absolutely correct, or if your horse seems slightly swollen on one leg. But it is nothing compared to the doubter in the stable. From her, you often hear questions such as “Do you think the wound can get infected, if I let him out on the pasture tomorrow? Or “should I give him the 100 gram rug on? No, 200? No, 100 gram is probably enough. Or what? What do you think?”. It is also not unusual for you to listen to outbursts like “Argh, I cannot figure out whether to ride with or without spurs!”. Even if you sometimes feel that her doubt has taken a hold on everyone, it is also nice to know that she is always attentive – she always keeps a close eye on your horse and the other horses. You are sure that if there is even the slightest wrong, she has probably spotted it two hours ago.   

8. The Shopaholic 

She has everything in every color. The argument for buying a new piece of equipment is usually something in the line of “Well, I do not have a hut in the medium-dusted, pastel-green color with a rose gold border”. You did not even know that color existed, did you? The stable’s shopaholic is the ultimate victim of the equestrian industry’s certainty about the number of women within the equestrian world with great purchasing power. As women we all love to shop, but for the equestrian shopaholic, buying tack is taken to a whole other level. If it is not the color, it is the whole new and revolutionary technology, the special design, or a completely unique material that makes her want to buy it. Even if you cannot quite keep up, you enjoy the enthusiasm that the stable’s impulse buyer always brings with her when she proudly showcases her latest purchase. 

9. The Stickler of the Stable 

When the stable’s stickler comes by, you are sure that everything will proceed by the book. You walk your horse for exactly ten minutes before trotting, you mount it from the left side, and hell will fall upon you if you forget to remove your horse’s remains. On the one hand, the stickler’s presence makes the visit in the stables a bit strenuous, but on the other hand, she makes sure that all of you move properly and safe – which you also value highly!  

10. The Oops’er 

Know someone who always gets into trouble? You have definitely heard the word “oops” more than just a few times when you are with her at the stable. When she comes by, you are almost sure to get a laugh along the way – and it can only be a glorious day! It is always her wellies that gets stuck in the mud and her horse that overturns her on their way to the stall. She is the one who always ends up getting wetter than the horse when washing. Whatever good intentions she has, it always ends up going wrong – and sometimes you feel a bit sorry for her! 

We could, of course, come up with many more stereotypes, but maybe you can still recognize yourself or one of your friends among the ones here. Maybe you are a good mix of them all? If nothing else, they might make you consider if there are other fun personalities in your stable and whether or not they also help make the environment something special. 

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