Help your pet recover faster from an injury

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Has your pet suffered an injury or undergone surgery? Then you can use laser therapy to accelerate the natural healing process.

A PowerLaser accelerates all phases of the body’s natural healing process, which can reduce the damage process from weeks to days. The effect of laser therapy for dogs, cats and other small animals is faster healing, pain relief, increased blood circulation and reduced swelling. With a PowerLaser you can e.g. treat a wound on a dog or cat in less than 5 minutes, thus speeding up healing. A PowerLaser gives you the best conditions for a simple and effective treatment of animals.

Most dogs quickly get used to the laser and mostly relax during treatment. Acute injuries and hypertonic muscles are treated for 2-6 min. with PowerLaser. A swelling in the dog can be treated with a PowerLaser.

Cats often end up in fights where they can get wounds and other acute injuries. The damage is treated quickly and efficiently with a PowerLaser. PowerLaser has contributed to a faster healing of the surgical wound.

Some cat breeds have an increased tendency to develop gingivitis and periodontitis. It can be processed in minutes with a PowerLaser. It is possible to buy a dental tip, which makes it easier to get into the cat’s oral cavity.

Guide statement

Laser therapy is an effective tool to help your pet.

Laser therapy accelerates the natural healing process, plus it relives pain and inflammation and increases the mobility for the animal, so you can help them recover as quickly as possible.

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