Portrait: 2014 World Champion Daniel Deußer

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Daniel Deußer is a German equestrian who has made a name for himself in the show jumping world. With over a decade of experience competing at the highest level, Deußer has established himself as one of the top riders in the sport.

Deußer began riding at a young age and quickly fell in love with the sport. He began competing in local shows and quickly moved up the ranks. In his early 20s, he made the decision to turn professional and has been competing at the top level ever since.

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Deußer is known for his exceptional horsemanship and his ability to form strong connections with his horses. He has a particular talent for working with difficult horses and bringing out their best performances. He is known for his calm, patient approach and his ability to build trust and understanding with his equine partners.

Foto: Malgré Tout Media Archive, Global Champions Tour Prague 2022

World Champion with Cornet d’Amour

One of Deußer’s greatest achievements came in 2014 when he won the Show Jumping World Cup with his horse Cornet d’Amour. The pair had a strong partnership and were known for their consistency and determination in the ring.

Cornet d’Amour, a grey stallion, was a gifted horse with a lot of natural talent and athleticism. He had a lot of scope and was known for his powerful jumping style. Deußer and Cornet d’Amour formed an impressive partnership, working together to achieve great success on the international show jumping circuit.

The 2014 Show Jumping World Cup was held in Lyon, France, and Deußer and Cornet d’Amour put on a stunning performance. They sailed through the first round with a clear round and then went on to produce another clear round in the final, securing the top spot on the podium. It was a historic victory for Deußer and marked the first time a German rider had won the World Cup since 2000.

Deußer and Cornet d’Amour continued to compete together for several more years, earning numerous top-placed finishes in international competitions. Their partnership was one of the most successful and enduring in show jumping, and they will always be remembered as one of the sport’s most iconic horse-rider duos.

Deußer’s victory at the Show Jumping World Cup, and the success he enjoyed with Cornet d’Amour, is a testament to his talent as a rider and his ability to form strong connections with his horses. Deußer’s partnership with Cornet d’Amour is a shining example of how a rider can work together with a horse to achieve great success.

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Continued succes with new horses

After the retirement of Cornet d’Amour in 2019, Deußer has continued to compete at the highest level of show jumping. He has formed successful partnerships with several horses, including Tobago Z, and Killer Queen. These horses have proven to be strong competitors on the international circuit, with several top-placed finishes in international competitions.

Deußer’s partnership with Killer Queen is particularly noteworthy, with the mare proving to be a talented and consistent partner in the ring. The pair has earned several top-three finishes in international competitions, competed in the Olympic Games in Tokyo together and they have become a formidable team on the circuit.

Deußer is also known for his charitable work. He is a strong supporter of equine welfare and has worked to promote the responsible care and treatment of horses. He is a vocal advocate for the use of positive reinforcement in training and has been a strong supporter of the use of natural horsemanship techniques.

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Deußer is truly an inspiration to equestrians everywhere. His dedication to the sport, his horsemanship skills and his charitable works makes him an excellent representative of the equestrian community. His continued success on the international stage is a testament to his hard work, talent and dedication to the sport

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