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10 things your horse should not eat

The online store has compiled a list of 10 things your horse should not eat. We all tend to pamper our horses with...

Bulbs: How to care of the shock absorbers of a horse

Have you ever thought about the function of your horse’s bulbs? The ones placed at the bottom of each leg. Combined with other important...

Creating a safe haven for rescue horses in Andalusia, Spain

This story starts like so many with a 'once upon a time' and a little girl. This little girl, Sarah, like so many, loved...

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8 horse personalities: Which one do you recognize in your horse?

Is there such a thing as horse personalities? Oh, yes! As any horse owner will testify to. Among the staff at Malgré Tout Media's office, for example, we have...

Teacher and rider: Why you should never compare yourself to others

To compete is for many of us to compare ourselves to others. It can be inspiring to see how good other riders are. And it can encourage you to...

Muslim & Rider: 17-year-old Rim Al-Attar wants to break down prejudices

Meet Rim Al-Attar. A 15-year-old girl from Malmö in Sweden on a very special mission. Rim wants to break down the prejudices in equestrian sports. In addition to being...

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