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Equestrian safety: Falling off without getting seriously injured

How many times have your tried falling off your horse? An old saying goes, that you are only a skilled rider when you have...

Avoid excess training: Remember to give your horse a break

How good are you at remembering to give your horse a break when you train? The training of your horse is probably both fun...

Right or left? Find out which leg your horse primarily uses

Do you know if your horse is either right or left 'handed'? Otherwise you can read how to find out and work with asymmetry in this article.

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Equine therapist Line Østerhagen believes in equal quality treatment for people and horses

As a young girl equine therapist Line Østerhagen was fascinated by horses and dreamt of becoming a veterinarian and work with animals in general. But after getting better acquainted...

Scientists: Horses and humans have a special bond

Horses are flight and pack animals driven by instincts which they use basically to survive. It is often this biologist perspective around horses, but scientists have now investigated whether horses...

Editorial thoughts: Can I have a horse, Dad?

What better question? Can I have a horse, Dad? As a young girl, I grew up dreaming of having my own horse. I even remember how much I daydreamed...

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